June 8, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          In this society if you don’t play by the rules of the pampered privileged class you will probably find yourself at the wrong end of their loaded judicial system and the attendant enforcement apparatus. Try to set up some sort of alternative way of living that doesn’t tie you into the consumer cancer that is eating the planet and you you will be labelled anti-social, trouble maker, or criminal. The state and its capitalist consumer model of existence, demands total obedience, and subservience to its rigid rules, that are there to protect the privileged powerful parasite class. That of course should not deter us from always seeking that alternative way to live, free from the capitalist mode of existence, it should open our eyes wider to the destructive, repressive structure of this greed driven state/capitalist economic straight jacket that tries to bind us all to its crippling tutelage. 

           This is a statement from some squatters in Bristol, who had 4 squats, including 40a Space, Salvation Army mutual aid/social centres and Wonky Arrow Books, a radical library.


        In the past days, we’ve had our buildings forcibly closed with anti-social behaviour orders, and we’ve been raided by hundreds of riot police. We’ve been beaten, pepper-sprayed, arrested, and sectioned.
       This is an escalation– it hasn’t been like this in the UK in years. Not that this is new. No, we see this as part of a long and brutal history of the repression of marginalised communities, and anyone who shows resistance or alternatives.
        The police and state media will try and paint this as the result of us being ‘anti-social’ – but isn’t it the police who hurt and intimidate us? Who break down the doors; who criminalize and target poor people, people of colour, travelling communities, people who live differently? It is the state and the police that are truly anti-social, at the core of the troubles we face in our lives. 

        This is an attempt to intimidate us, to repress mobilization in Bristol (especially around Kill the Bill) and to break down a community that is challenging the police and what they represent. We know that real community makes police obsolete.

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com