May 3, 2021
From SlackBastard

Tom Tanuki wore a t-shirt once, and now erry body wants one!


So, like people ALWAYS ask me about this shirt since I first wore it. It’s from LA-based anti-fash shirt makers Ion Drip. It’s FKN SICK.

The BIG NEWS is NOW WE’RE COLLABING! 🔥 I’ll be selling it for AUS/NZ – PRE-ORDER UP NOW.

100% OF PROFITS will go to The Dhadjowa Foundation, supporting and coordinating the families of Indigenous people who’ve died while in police custody. Doing this for the love and solidarity.

Pre-orders will close MAY 18, 2021 /// ORDER HERE.

Check out Ion Drip if you’re US- or Europe-based. They’ll sort you out! They also have sick stickers & badges available in the same style.