March 28, 2021
From Act For Freedom

We set fire to IKEA shopping center in Malmö, Sweden on the night of
March 24th. The reason for the attack – IKEA’s cooperation with the
dictatorship of Lukashenka in Belarus.

This action is part of a pressure on Western capitalists who trade with
the Lukashenka regime and thereby ensure its survivability. When we were
planning the attack, we were inspired by the reflections of the
imprisoned anarchist-partisan Igor Olinevich, who wrote in his book «I’m
going to Magadan»: «“It is ok to trade even with cannibals” – this is
the essence of European politics». The example of based in Sweden and
currently registered in the Netherlands furniture corporation IKEA
perfectly demonstrates accuracy and relevance of Igor’s conclusions.

Back in December 2018, in the wake of political rapprochement between
the Lukashenka’s regime and the European Union, IKEA has adopted a
strategy «Go Belarus». In the summer of 2019, Belarusian Ambassador to
Sweden Dmitry Mironchik told reporters what this strategy is about.
According to him, IKEA plans to purchase Belarusian goods with a value
of 200 million euros. The same year, in the fall, during a
Swedish-Belarusian business meeting in Minsk, Andrei Yevdochenko, at
that time the First Deputy Foreign Minister, announced that in 2021 IKEA
plans to increase the volume of purchases to 300 million euros.

After the beginning of the Belarusian revolution in august 2020, the
Swedish media drew attention to the activities of IKEA in this country.
At the end of 2020 it became widely known that seven percent of wood
which IKEA uses to manufacture furniture comes from Belarus. This fact
once again confirms the accuracy of Igor Olinevic’s words. In his book
he described the place of Belarus in the global production chain in
following way: «Economically Belarus is elementary, most environmentally
filthy, raw material processing». As a result of the scandal the
Secretary-General of the Human Rights Organization «Olof Palme
International Center» Anna Sundström called on the boycott of IKEA
products. «Forest and Wood Workers’ Union» which is part of the Social
Democratic «Swedish Trade Union Confederation» also demanded from IKEA
to terminate cooperation with Lukashenka’s regime. Thus, not only
anti-authoritarian left, but also a non-indifferent part of the Swedish
society, which follows the situation in Belarus, condemns IKEA’s actions
in this country. We, anarchists, believe that these people will
understand us, will support us, and will become our

Here we will not list other IKEA’s misdeeds, such as the destruction of
nature in different countries of the world and permanent impairment of
workers’ conditions. Anyone can easily find information about it. IKEA’s
co-operation with the Lukashenka’s regime is a more than enough reason
to attack.

As Igor Olinevich and many other anarchists noted, Belarusians should
not hope for Western politicians. They will not help. Only people in
Belarus, by armed uprising, can destroy the dictatorship. The dirty
greedy nature of capitalists, such as IKEA owners, confirms that it is
necessary to fight not only for political liberation, but also for the
destruction of the economic oppression, for the absolute liberation of
the individual.

Lukashenka’s regime trade with his accomplices from other countries
needs to be blocked by radical direct action. Therefore, we will
continue to attack. The words of Igor Olinovich will inspire us: «There
is no linear historical path, everything can be changed!»

Action group “The Solidarity”