October 31, 2020
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

We’ve had the debates over Bristol’s ‘Tier 1 Plus‘ lockdown yet all of that is now overshadowed by the impending national lockdown it seems that is going to hit in a few days, if the leaks are to be believed. Yet just 10 days ago Johnson had this to say;

“It is the height of absurdity that (Starmer) stands up and attacks the economic consequences of the measures we are obliged to take across some parts of the country when he wants to turn the lights out with a full national lockdown.”

Of course, you may remember that when the first lockdown hit, Johnson said with 12 weeks of lockdown we could ‘turn the tide‘;

The next 12 weeks could “turn the tide of this disease”, Johnson told the daily Downing Street press conference on the pandemic, saying it was possible to “send coronavirus packing in this country, but only if we all take the steps we have outlined”.

What were those steps? Mass testing and social distancing. How’s it gone? Well the public pulled together for those 12 weeks yet the systems the government needed to put in place – track and trace and rapid testing that would constitute ‘mass testing’ have been an unmitigated disaster. We’ve had the spectacle of fudging the stats on daily tests to make it appear that they hit their goals. (Spoiler: they didn’t.) Then they outsourced track and trace to the private sector, to make a profit of the whole thing and instead they’ve made a dogs dinner of it;

Yet amid the biggest global pandemic in 100 years, England’s test-and-trace regime has crumbled within a week of schools reopening. With seven months to prepare for the start of autumn term and the outbreak of sniffles season (which was always going to prompt worried parents to seek a test), ministers have failed again.

Why is this such a mess? Because the Johnson government is full of talentless hacks there for the ideology and/or grift. They can only whine and campaign (and are only good at that thanks to wall-to-wall right-wing media support and lots of dark money sloshing around. So, of course, here we are facing a second lockdown:

And for all the shitty-ness of a lockdown, there does seem to be little choice as the infection rate rockets across England and the South West. Once cases reach a certain level, the exponential growth will explode, hospitals will become overwhelmed, and we’ll see the chaotic senses witnessed in countries like Italy early in the outbreak. However, ACTUALLY turning the tide on this disease requires competent government, something we don’t have nor are going to get any time soon. This is the tweet that sums up the situation:

Our anger at the Tory party, the death they have brought down upon us because of their grift and incompetence must never, never be forgotten.

Source: Alternativebristol.com