July 29, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

While the #KillTheBill protests may have faded in the media’s mind as they move on to other stories, for the protestors caught up in the state dragnet, the issue is far from over. Some disturbing moves in the charges laid against protestors, as some have had lesser charges replaced with the more serious ‘Riot‘ charge, which carries 3 – 9 years’ custody. Is the upping of these charges to the very unusual ‘Riot’ charge politically motived?  Bristol Defendant Solidarity explains;

Another 8 #Bristol protesters were yesterday charged with #Riot in relation to the 1st #KillTheBill protest on 21 March which ended up outside #Bridewell police station. Their first Plea hearing will be at Bristol Magistrates on 5 August. #Solidarity with all Bristol protesters!

28 #Bristol protesters out of a total of 73 arrested after #KillTheBill protest on 21 March have been charged, mostly #Riot + some other charges.3 are #remandprisoners & 4 have Trial dates. 5 have sentencing hearings & face #prison – at Bristol Crown on 30 July.

10 #KillTheBill protesters have 1st Plea Hearings for #Riot at #Bristol Crown on 2 Aug. 8 more have same hearing at Bristol Crown on 5 Aug. We expect the 5 sentenced on 30 July will get heavy #prison sentences – designed to intimidate those who follow. Get #legaladvice!
Meanwhile the violence & injuries dished out by #ASPolice to #KillTheBill protesters on 21, 23, 26 March, and later dates, remains largely unnoticed by both politicians & media – no real investigations; no charges for cops caught beating people. Why? And this is b4 the #PCSCBill
This all seems part of the disturbing movement of the UK government towards a more authoritarian position when viewed with the new police and sentences powers, attacks on voting rights and the general grift and corruption of the Tory government. Scary stuff.

Source: Alternativebristol.com