March 4, 2021
From Idavox

Philly Proud Boy leader Zach Rehl (red circle) inside the U.S. Capitol with others. The New Yorker published this photo and it is the first bit of evidence that placed Rehl in the Capitol.

His status as a recently married thirty-two year old with a pregnant spouse who is expecting in June, just might give him further pause and cause him to go into “retreat.”

The right-wing and hate group organizing of Philadelphia Proud Boys Chapter President Zach Rehl gained notoriety in the 2010s. His August 2018 rally under the banner of the Islamophobic organization ACT for America and the Independence Mall demonstration three months later where many Proud Boys and similar ilk are clear examples. But that might come to an end as he is being identified in photos from inside the U.S. Capitol during the insurrection on Jan. 6.

Rehl purportedly lives in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, and while his father and grandfather were onetime Philadelphia police officers, he reportedly has had a few run-ins with the law, but the final dispositions here are unclear. In more than one instance, Rehl is captured making the “O.K.” White Power symbol after a pro-Trump political event.  Like many other Proud Boys, he is an ardent Trump supporter, and this ardency allowed journalistic outlets and Twitter users to observe Rehl in Washington D.C. along the Washington Mall and U.S. Capitol grounds on January 6th. The Wall Street Journal created a Parler video montage where Rehl is shown leading and marching with others in a military-like fashion towards Congress as its election certification process is underway. Other outlets and individuals reported and analyzed Rehl and others being on and around Capitol grounds in various states of cloaking, coordinating, and preparing.

Rehl was an extremely notable recipient of crowdfunding monies for January 6th “travel expenses.” The FBI is noticing this fundraising allowed for “conspiratorial” organization and logistics, as a slew of indictments last week show. Rehl possessed radio and cellular communication devices, a hydration pack, and, among other things, ski goggles/protective eyewear. He was also at one of the primary siege lines at the U.S. Capitol.

Proud Boys outside the U.S. Capitol. Rehl can be seen in literally front and center wearing the the BDU MAGA cap. He is just behind Proud Boy leader Joe Biggs, wearing a black skullcap and black and white flannel. Biggs has been arrested for entering the Capitol and being one of the insurrection organizers.

Rehl has been trying to deny that he was a big January 6th player and even denies being in Washington, DC that day. But despite this as well as Lehigh Valley Proud Boys chapter president Richard Schwetz’s efforts to cover for him, Rehl had admitted to being in Washington D.C., in a Parler post. Schwetz also posted a Parler post purporting to present that throughout the day, Rehl was in Harrisburg, PA with him on January 6th until 6 p.m. — the time when the Washington D.C. curfew took effect. Schwetz’ post is just after the curfew and he was also spotted throughout the day in the Washington, D.C. events of January 6th in thorough observational detail, including that of his fellow Proud Boys.