July 24, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

As the Tory lockdown eases amidst increasing infection rates for covid-19 (yes it’s all about profit before people!), more and more Events are being planned – both online and in-person.
It’ll be up to you to decide what’s safe for you to attend, but if you are putting on an Event – why rely on corporate social media for your promotion? Why not contribute to building alternative & progressive communities by giving social media the two fingers, and using ad-free, free, Events Listings like ours?

Back in pre-coronavirus Bristol, our Events Listings Calendar was hosting between 10 to 20 Bristol events each day, and then the Lockdown started and most things stopped, and then nearly all went online.
But now, over the summer and into autumn (we hope!), events involving physical attendance are starting up again (although a lot remain online) – you can add both online & physical Bristol events to our Events Listings!
The more who use it to list their events, the more who’ll use it!

It really is easy: To submit your event go to our Add Your Event page, it only takes a couple of minutes to do. You’ll need your event title, a description that you can include weblinks in if you wish (a website, or other link etc), the venue details, the cost be it free or a few £’s, and an event image (should be no larger than approx 700 x 700). If it’s a recurring event, such as every Tuesday, or every fourth Saturday, you can do that all in one go.
Remember not everyone is on Facebook/Instagram etc, and increasingly many are becoming very concerned about the negatives that come with such platforms – if we want to create our own alternatives to corporate domination, then we need to take appropriate action. Our Listings are one small step in that direction.

Our Events Listings are NOT for commercial profit-driven events – we will delete those! But they are for all things alternative, including fundraisers for causes and community/political projects ie benefit events of all kinds (music, food, comedy, art, theatre, spoken word etc). Many of the Events in the Listing tend to be meetings, workshops, projects, gatherings, films, protests / actions / demos, be they indoors or outdoors, or online, that you want to attract people from Bristol or your immediate local community to. To get an idea of the sort of activities that fall under our notion of ‘Alternative’, have a look through the categories of our Bristol Groups Listings – and if your group/project/campaign isn’t listed, then use our Contact Page to send us your details (such as website & social media links – don’t forget to include your email address in case we need to contact you!).

In the past, we’ve used apps to pull in some events from social media platforms, including FB, but we’re increasingly uncomfortable with that…and also the apps don’t always pull in the full details. So really it’s down to you to put your events up on an alternative Events Listings site that is totally not-for-profit, free to use, and isn’t full of corporate ads.
What’s not to like eh?

Source: Alternativebristol.com