January 4, 2022
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

So it’s back to the Bristol Crown Court for the second-half of the Trial of the Colston4 defendants, a trial rudely interrupted by xmas intervening on behalf of the Prosecution, who we had losing 7-0 at half-time.
That of course is our biased perception, as we #SupportTheColston4 not the British state, nor the cheerleaders for the Colston cult of slave-traders & mass murderers. It is not of course quite that simple!

Whilst the CPS’s QC William Hughes may have followed a totally uninspiring & insipid line of questionning of defence witnesses & the defendants themselves, he does actually have the easy job – so if he fails he’ll look like the total toff prick that he is. Given that the defendants openly admit their involvement in toppling the racist statue of Colston, it’s the defence lawyers who have their work cut out convincing the Jury to not find them guilty of a single charge each of ‘criminal damage’ – their job is to convince the jury that toppling the statue was the right thing to do, after a 100+ years of protests were totally ignored by Bristol’s politicians and ruling elites/businessmen who wished to preserve the myths about Colston not being a mass-murdering slave-trader & religious bigot.

Now whilst we might think the proceedings and arguments between the defence and prosecution have been far too polite (yes, we want some anger in the courtroom!), we have to remember that the legal profession is a bit of a closed club, with it’s own hierarchies & rules. Break them, and the judge will ensure you lose. The defence lawyers would never get away with the sort of comments expressed by defendant Jake Skuse on Day 7 (22 December), as so eagerly reported by The Bristolian:

Among the gems Jake told the court under cross examination from Scrotescak QC’s team were that his thoughts when the statue came down were “get this racist fucker away from here so he can’t be put back up” and that throwing Colston in the docks was “a final fuck off to the slaver”.
He also openly admitted he deliberately helped remove the statue so that our idiot council couldn’t put it back up again.

Defence lawyers couldn’t get away with language like that, which is why working class & honest Bristolians like Jake could never be lawyers (but will help toss slave-traders statues into the harbour). But we loved it!
But on the plus side, after the Prosecution had said at the start of the trial that “Colston was a divisive figure and a slaver’ ‘this trial is not about him“…but about a simple charge of criminal damage to a statue, the defence did in fact spend the best part of 4 days introducing all sorts of facts & history about Colston being that mass murdering slave trader. They were helped in this by the testimonies of tv celebrity (and historian) David Olusoga; former Colston Girls school student & later ‘Lord Mayor’ Cleo Lake; and descendants of slaves Gloria Daniel & local man Lloyd Russell; as well as some excellent statements by the defendants themselves, which grabbed headlines internationally. Sadly missing was the statement from an international valuer regards the monetary value now of the Colston statue post toppling, which was ruled as inadmissable by the Judge..!? Which seems odd, as usually criminal damage diminishes the value of something, but perhaps in this case the phrase ‘Colston statue is now a Banksy’ suggests how much better off Bristol Council are now the statue has become a piece of protest art?

Court on Tuesday 4th January will see: closing speeches from the CPS QC; the same from the Defence lawyers; the Judge’s summary and directions to the Jury; and eventually the Jury will retire to consider it’s verdicts. This may well run onto Wednesday morning, given the delays so far, and the court admin. When the Jury does retire to consider, there is no way of knowing for how long, could be a day or days.
Family, friends and supporters of the Colston4 will be in court every day. There are suggestions for a solidarity protest on the day of the verdicts, a celebration perhaps? But any such thing will be at short notice.

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Source: Alternativebristol.com