June 14, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        Even after the videoed murder of George Floyd and the aftermath of protests, the killing still goes on. This latest killing by the state’s minders comes with all the usual conflicting out pouring of statements from police and media, police body cams didn’t capture the incident, the fact the killing took place on a car-park with security cameras no video has surfaced, police say the man killed had a gun, witness said there was no gun. The fact that the killed man was an  Afro-American activist raises even more suspicion This is the police doing their duty to the state, spreading intimidation, nurturing submission, eliminating dissent. We can expect nothing else from a force set up to protect the state and the pampered privileged wealthy power mongers who hold the reins of power. 

The following extract from It’s Going Down:

         A look at the recent killing of Winston Boogie Smith in so-called Minneapolis by federal law enforcement, how the media rushed to back up false police claims, and how this latest killing fits into a pattern of targeted assassinations against political dissidents.
           Winston Smith, a Black revolutionary, was assassinated by a task force sent by the Department of Homeland Security. The shooting took place on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021, around 2:30pm, in so-called Minneapolis, near W Lake Street and Girard Ave, on the top floor of a five-story parking garage under the beating sun. He was killed hours after the city attempted to dismantle George Floyd Square, an autonomous zone held on the blocks where George Floyd was murdered. People were rebuilding and strategizing at GFS—38th and Chicago—two and a half miles away, when word of the shooting spread. An “officer involved shooting” took place in Uptown, read one tweet. “Law enforcement investigating a fatal shooting,” “No law enforcement were injured, one fatality,” reads another. Dog-whistle headlines for the execution of a person. Scrap the vagueness, the smoke and mirrors, the pacification, the indoctrinated consent that local “journalists” write, and a traumatic image of cold-blooded murder manifests through the lying machine. The following story is trauma inducing; the assassination of another Black man on stolen Dakota land, and the attempts by the federal and state government to cover it up. 

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