March 1, 2021
From Act For Freedom

by anarchists:  Translated by Act for freedom now!
The only thing that matters is the struggle—now, today, tomorrow; whether you eat or not, what matters is that you make a leap forward. Do better. Learn from your experience. That is what must be done. All the rest is shit.
“The people (meaning: us), who refuse to stop struggling—either they win or they die, instead of losing and dying.”
I’m sorry I have to write to you like this. Of course I do not know what it is like when someone dies or when they kill. After all, everyone dies. The issue is how you die and even more how you lived (…) A revolutionary in battle, with all his love for life and all his contempt for death. ”
Holger Meins
(RAF member, dead from hunger strike)
Fifty-two days have passed since the revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas once again put his body in front of the regime of exclusion and criminal treatment, starting a hunger strike. Not to claim, blackmailing as they usually say, the satisfaction of his personal demands but if nothing else the basic right of his transfer to Korydallos prison.
The revenge of the repressive mechanisms and power’s fear in the face of militants is the springboard for the toughest resistance battles of State prisoners. The revolutionary D. Koufontinas mortgaged his body as a means of resisting State arbitrariness in order to be able to claim basic rights, putting his dignity above his own life. And as long as the State ostentatiously insists on maintaining an uncompromising stance, trying to extract statements of political repentance, it forgets that fighters like D. Koufontinas will always win the first even if they have to lose the second.
This is not, after all, the first time that the State, with its revanchist techniques, has attempted to devalue the choice of the revolutionary struggle, to mutilate any rebellious conscience and, through repression, imprison every radical expression and crush fighting dignity. Because for the system, the fighting dignity and unrepentant attitude of the political prisoner are an infectious disease, the contagion of which will trigger social outbursts and uprisings. There is no room for doubt anymore that the American-slave Mitsotakis family is murdering the revolutionary D. Koufontinas. It is killing him because in its face it sees the questioning of sovereignty, the struggles waged against incarceration, injustice and exploitation, and kills him because social deconstruction will be embodied in his face forever. Because they are afraid that the humanitarian rhetoric against terrorism is not convincing, nor are the once tearful statements about parity. They are afraid because in the fighter D. Koufontina they face everything that they cannot understand and try to exterminate, ignoring that it is all that they did not manage to imprison for a moment.
I could never live in peace, only quiet — the kind you find in cemeteries.
Ann Hansen
(member of Direct Action in Canada)
The catalytic contribution of the US State could not be absent from all of the above regime, which with the help of its companion States as well as its undoubted superiority as a war machine is the pioneer, and if nothing else decisive, force in criminal interventions internationally. The attachment of the Greek State to the Euro-Atlantic alliance and the intervention of the United States as the leading force of post-war capitalism in every decision has been obvious for decades. Creeping American imperialism is intensifying the economic mutilation and exploitation already being caused by the domestic bourgeoisie. In other words, it intensifies all that D. Koufontinas has been fighting for until today for this purpose and aims at his extermination.
It is our duty to raise embankments of resistance against the State leviathan, our obligation not to remain passive in the face of modern cannibalism, because as such we create even deeper wounds than those caused by the mistakes we inevitably make by taking action.
For all these reasons, we take responsibility for the placement of an explosive device in Piraeus Bank on Papafi Street, which, however, did not explode, without this meaning that after you got rid of, due to chance, material damage, you also got rid of your anger. . As it happened. That same night, we set fire to a vehicle belonging to the Greek-American courier Jd’s, a subsidiary of Ups, on Olympiados Street, declaring to the agents of American terrorism that their aspirations for submission and repentance will remain such. Nothing is over. The war is already here with the stubbornness of those who are not blackmailed and terrorized.