April 16, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

We all remember the, now infamous, police statement after the first of the #KillTheBill protests that reported cops had suffered ‘broken bones’ and a ‘punctured lung’ except that none of that was true. However, the cops didn’t admit that until it has had the full run of the press and demonized all the protestors. The question was always there; if cops got hurt, what about protestors? Thankfully someone if attempting to answer that question:

The following summary has been compiled from the emails received to date, which include medical reports, legal observer reports and numerous self-report emails from protesters themselves. These emails detail reported or self-reported injuries to 62 people between 21=26 March. This includes 7 injuries that required treatment in hospital and 22 head injuries. A number of self-reported injuries were detailed alongside photographic evidence of the wounds sustained.

And the picture is a shocking level of violence;

Plus there is no douby that this is an under-count; the report is compiled by a group asking people to contact them if injured, so there’s no way everyone hurt has heard the call for data. Plus we’re sure plenty of people would avoid either/both hospitals or reporting it at all, due to fear of recrimination from the cops.

What is clear though is that while the media reports focus on the injuries to the cops, they were the only group arriving at the demostration armed, armoured and trained to use violence. The 62+ injured people are testament to that.

PS. If you’re shocked by these numbers and want to help, there’s a crowdfunder to support people arrested and hurt at the protests.

Source: Alternativebristol.com