March 31, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

So the 4th protest against the Police & Crime Bill, known online as the ‘KillTheBill’ protests, in Bristol came and went; people used their right to protest, the chanted, they marched there were speeches. There was also a minute’s silence for the victims of police brutality;

By all accounts, the cops left people alone and there was no violence, unlike the last three protests where the police decided to ‘intervene’ and ended up cracking skulls (but we still don’t know the numbers of injured protestors).

While the reaction of the political class and the commentariat to the protests, and police violence, was the expected tut-tuting and condemnation of those actually putting their bodies on the line for all our freedoms, the city’s protests do seem to have inspired action nationwide;

Last night’s protest is far from the last one in the city and far from the last one in the country. As this thread shows, With the next Bristol one being noted as:

In related news, the fundraiser for the defence of the protestors has almost passed it’s 50% mark!

Image source, here.