April 5, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Athens. Greece. April 5. 2021.Viktoria’s new squat had a beautiful first weekend. Solidarity and support came from comrades, neighbors, and passersby. 

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Let’s celebrate it as a step towards the liberation of more public spaces. Let’s meet in this space for sharing thoughts, food, coffee, clothes and whatever else we can imagine. For freeshops and free haircuts, for caffeneios and screenings, for learning and reading, for workshops and assemblies.

Today and every day this week we will have open hours from 11-3. We will do repairs and preparation of the house, offer free-donation haircuts, and collect dry food, clothes, other items for the neighborhood and space in addition to other events.

The needs for building include: Chairs, Tables , Couches, Rugs, Pillows, and Construction wood

See you in Ζιζάνια, on the streets, and in Viktoria.

Source: Enoughisenough14.org