December 8, 2020
From Act For Freedom

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Greece: The comrade Erol has been arrested.
Erol has been arrested (in this case the accusation is only that of not having respected the anticovid rules against gatherings) and transferred to Petrou Ralli detention centre in Athens. He is threatened with extradition for social dangerousness and for public health.Below is a quick translation of the call for a meeting of solidarity with the comrade, in which the situation is explained. (link in Greek:


 OPEN ASSEMBLY at 16:00, on Tuesday, 8/12, at FEPA in relation to the threatened extradition of the comrade Erol   Erol, comrade of French citizenship, who was arrested on December 6 as a consequence of a gathering ban, has been taken from GADA (Athens central police station) to the hell of Petrou Ralli (detention place for undocumented immigrants) where he is being held.

They are trying to give the comrade the charge of “socially dangerous” with the pretext of the repression undergone during the struggles (Vankouver, Koukaki, Politechnio etc) although without any charges (the trials are still going on). In the past he has also been persecuted for supporting the struggles of Skouries. It is explicitly written that one can be expelled as a danger to public health and probably the situation with the COVID which has mixed public health with repression gives the perfect excuse. The only reason they are trying to expel Erol is his political position in the face of the State and Capital. That is why he is considered a danger and not for some public reason.
The most tragic and ironic thing is that the comrade Erol took care of the 18 year old whose life was in danger from an epileptic seizure at GADA. The 18-year-old was victim of an epileptic seizure while he was under arrest and as he banged on the ground and the rest of those arrested stood looked on petrified, the cops, living dead without feelings offered no help while the life and health of the boy was under their responsibility. When his friends shouted asking for help the cops answered that they were in the midst of a procedure and could not deal with the matter. When the seizure ended the boy’s eyes rolled back, his heartbeat stopped and he started to go blue.
Erol then opened his mouth and held his tongue as the comrade’s lawyer gave him heart massage until the boy recovered, spitting blood. Obviously for the State only medical research can ascertain whether in effect the boy would have died, however we want to make public the experience of the boy comrade’s friend who tells us clearly that the boy would have died under any other circumstance. It is tragic that the comrade Erol is being threatened with extradition because he is considered dangerous for public order, health and safety by the State, while maybe if he hadn’t been there we would be counting one more dead,18 years old this time, in the hands of the Greek police on December 6.
The comrade is in the hell of Petrou Ralli, where those who do not have the right papers are tortured and die.As a decision will be made by the governor the comrade will remain at Petrou Ralli until there is an administrative process where we will appeal for the decision to be validated or annulled.