December 1, 2020
From Act For Freedom

Our lives are flooded with the ultimatums and commandments of the State, capital and civilization.
In the dens of slave labour where we have to sell our labour power to survive, the bosses’ ultimatums are the voice of capitalist development at any cost. The voice of the neoliberal onslaught, the voice of the murderous intents of the bosses who torture our bodies with intensified working schedules, the abolition of Sunday off, work without insurance, no safety measures, layoffs and blackmailing.
In our schools and colleges the orders of the State and capital are the voices of discipline to the barbarism of our times, telling the treacherous story of submission to the powerful, they are the voices of nationalism and intolerance, the deletion from our memory of every moment of the social war. Their goal is to create a new generation of disciplined slaves, always eager to enter the capitalist line of production without being conscious of their role.
Without a trace of essential knowledge of the history of struggles and uprisings against States and their power. Having accepted their peaceful coexistence with those responsible for their poverty, starvation, wars. Having accepted that the struggle is futile and capitalism is the winner of history.
In the neighbourhoods where we live and fight, called Exarchia or not, the ultimatums of the State find us in amphitheatres and squats, demonstrations and conspiracy rendevous. Their ultimatums speak the language of modern totalitarianism, police repression, organized and
coordinated State propaganda through the media, of their normality that is full of violence for anyone who doesn’t fit into it.
Their ultimatums are the other side of State terrorism. They are the police batons that smash heads in Exarchia, are the images of refugees surrounded by cops entering buses to be sent to the hell of concentration camps, are the sexist comments and threats of sexual violence from the riot cops to anyone who doesn’t like them, are the dozens of invasions against squats and centres of struggle, is the military occupation of an entire neighbourhood by the police- cannibals scum, is the police surveillance against comrades with bugs and hidden cameras, is the kidnapping of comrades from their homes, the State’s anti-terror campaign is an essential ingredient for the imposition of the law and order doctrine.
These and many more are some pieces that indicate the central political strategy of the State to conduct a totalitarian war against the anarchist movement aimed at exterminating it before any social unrest emerges on the street. The authorities know that the anarchist movement has the potential to act as a detonator in social struggles. They see that the flames of rebellion are spreading to every corner of the world. That the social and class inequalities that are essentially the locomotives of capitalism are becoming a choking loop around its neck.
It is a common assumption now that we are at a critical historical juncture.
The persons who reside within the centres of political and economic power know this well. It is part of their discussions during their meetings in international conferences and organizations. Under various titles, politicians, economists, analysts, constantly seek to find ways to stabilize a political and economic system plunged into an expanding crisis.
That is why the whole attack on the anarchist movement must be seen as a battle for political survival, as a tough struggle for the establishment of our existence. As a liberation war with revolutionary perspective.
By defining strategies and tactics with basic denominator organization and fighting in all the social and political fields.
By understanding the history of the movement we belong to, the struggles that have lived over the years, the blood that dozens of comrades in the struggle have shed for individual and collective liberation.
The understanding that arms us with the resolution not to be the agents of defeat, resignation, compromise, but those who will raise the banners of resistance and rebellion, the banners of violent social war inside the metropolis.
The ultimatums have returned…
We are also celebrating the return to normality. We live in a normal country now and we place our mechanisms normally. We thank the Security Minister M.X. warmly for his contribution in expanding our struggle. The truth is that his statements are more incendiary than our fires.
Beyond the ridiculousness of the thing anyway, when our adversary is such a filthy opportunist who started off “Socialist” to end up as the minister symbol of right-wing State oppression, his every word and action against us is another advantage for us.
As a first response to Chrysochoidi’s ultimatum we take responsibility for the following  incendiary attacks:
1. At the Alimos Marina by placing incendiary devices on luxurious yacht berths, we symbolically attacked the privileged well-being of the financial elite. During the attack all precautions were taken so that nobody would be put in danger. With this action we wanted to express our anger against those who live and have fun in their microcosm from the exploitation of those by definition excluded from the luxury they enjoy. They don’t care about the disproportionate burden they cause to the natural world just as they don’t care for the oppression caused by the class system by which they are favoured. Their wealth is blood-stained and deserves to be lost in the flames of insurrection.
2. On a security company vehicle in Peristeri, as security guards are a preview of the private police of the neo-liberal future.
3. On the cafe – pastry shop of the director of New Democracy’s press office, executives and Members of the New Democracy need to know that the State violence they are causing with their policies will be returned.
4. At the home of newsit’s police journalist Theodosis Panos, whoever constitutes the voice of repression and spreads State propaganda is exposed and their homes are well known.
Solidarity to political prisoners
Solidarity to the squats and centres of struggle under repressive attacks
Solidarity to anarchist hunger striker Kostas Sakkas
Anarchy will live on
Groups for the Diffusion of Disorder
Translated by Act for freedom now!