March 14, 2021
From Act For Freedom

Translated by Act for freedom now!
In the context of the war that we experience every day, as a sign of our practical solidarity with unrepentant revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas as well as to all oppressed persons, we chose to attack. We cannot leave the comrade’s torture and possible massacre unanswered. From the insurgent violence of the oppressed to the guerrilla practices of the rebels, the streets belong to us, the targets are many, let us strike them. So we chose to attack:
1) A van of the General Post Office set on fire (for obvious reasons) in the area of ​​Chalandri, near Pentelis Street on 24/2
2) ATM of Piraeus Bank on Acharnes street  set on fire on 3/3
3) Alpha bank ATM on Patision street  set on fire on 11/3
Victory to the hunger strike of revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas, immediate satisfaction of his request!
No exemption regime for political prisoners!
The rebels are right, not the snitches and the bowed down!
These attacks are dedicated to the memory of anarchist revolutionary Lambros Fountas, fallen in the social war.
Action group March 10