March 14, 2021
From Act For Freedom

The State is killing Dimitris Koufontinas
(contradicting even its own laws),
to legislate barbarism
The state assassination of communist urban guerrilla and hunger striker Dimitris Koufontina has been going on for more than 60 days, with the ND government ostentatiously and vindictively refusing to implement the law it passed and transfer him to Korydallos prison.
It is not just the fury of a right-wing government against every struggling individual / section of society.
It is not just a series of symbolisms and ideas concentrated in the person of Dimitris Koufontinas that must be defeated practically and ideologically in order to intensify the oppression and exploitation in our lives.
It is a strategically important, central political choice: it crystallizes the will of domination, the regime of exclusion (imposed on us on the occasion of covid-19), to become the new normality. A government that redefines, bypasses or violates its own laws so easily is a necessity for the survival of the system. In the midst of a capitalist crisis, the only way to ensure the existence of the political and economic establishment is to be able to operate uncontrollably solely to defend its own interests: labour rights are being bulldozed, universities are being privatized, mountains and seas are being looted for business interests.
The political system, through the manipulators – at the level of the Pinochet junta – of the media and the correspondingly controlled social media, constantly spreads false news, censors every opposing view, calls counter-violence terrorism, concealing its crimes and claiming the monopoly of violence.
No, the racist killings by State and para-state fascists, torture in police stations and the millions of people being forced to live and die in poverty are not equated with the executions of junta torturers, and high-ranking military officials and representatives of the country’s political and business elite.
It is important to remember that political anti-violence (regardless of whether one accepts it as a tool of struggle) is used as a form of resistance to a system of exploitation and oppression, while state violence and repression are a structural feature of this system.
We are experiencing an outrageous situation: the surveillance, policing and brutal repression of every voice that resists have been called “sanitary measures” and have been imposed on our lives for the “common good”, while those who have imprisoned us in our homes for a year with the ideology of “individual responsibility”, are boldly refusing to take political responsibility for not observing their own laws against a prisoner. Is there a better definition of terrorism?
The government’s aim is to establish totalitarianism as the new normality, not only for the armed fighters and the conditions of detention in the prisons, but much wider: for health, education, social and political freedoms. We call on every individual / group who wants to resist the regime of barbarism to accompany our struggle in any way they can, because the struggle of Dimitris Koufontinas is reflected in the lives of all of us – it will determine how bleak or not our future will be. Whether submission, alienation and surveillance or resistance, solidarity and insurgency will prevail.
ps. As for those who torture and kill militants, we remind:
“No law is going to protect the fascists,
no court is going to acquit the torturers.
“For the people, they will remain guilty, criminals, and will be held accountable.”
Victory in the fight of Dimitris Koufontinas
We have no illusions – States are the only terrorists
Resistance by all means against modern totalitarianism
Appointment in the streets – rebellion now

Solidarity Assembly with Dimitri Koufontinas


Translated by Act for freedom now!


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