January 28, 2022
From Enough Is Enough 14

The time is now! This is a call from some of us living in the Atlanta Forest; We invite you to join us in its defense.

Submitted to Enough 14.

The forest, which is stolen Muscogee land, is slated to become a mock-city for police training. We have no intention of allowing this, nor of limiting our efforts to tree sits and lockdowns (already there have been 2 arson attacks, damaged machinery, home and office visits, barricades, etc.). The more people there are staying in the forest, the more options are open to us. Living in the forest gives us ability to immediately respond to any threat the forest faces. We must not allow them an inch without meeting opposition. Not one blade of grass. As it stands, the forest feels autonomous and the police are reluctant to go deep within it. Help us keep it that way. Come now to defend the forest, in struggle against the police and the civilization that needs them.

Check out https://scenes.noblogs.org/ for more info/past communiques and email [email protected] to get in touch if you’re interested in coming.

Source: Enoughisenough14.org