May 13, 2022
From Scenes From The Atlanta Forest

This is police scanner audio displaying Atlanta Police’s ignorance, cowardice, and paranoia related to what they believe is a group called “Black Flag Atlanta”.
The so-called “group” “Black Flag Atlanta” is likely referring to a hobbyist website here,(with a telegram here ) collects ground reports and police scanner intelligence.
The website is a resource for anyone and everyone.

They cops mention that they are afraid because of the actions of anonymous comrades who surrounded a Parks and Rec vehicle and attacked it while officers were inside and served the same to a juvenile detention facility vehicle: read about it here

The cops believe that “Black Flag Atlanta” is a group that tracks and monitors cops and their locations around the forest and works to attack them. This is laughably wrong. Rather than understanding that our power comes from open source intelligence, horizontal organizing, and transparency, they have conjured up a shadowy organization that organizes hits on police officers… and publishes their targets right beforehand.