March 4, 2021
From Act For Freedom

Time is running out.
On 02.03.2021 we attacked the Greek embassy in Frankfurt am Main with bitumen, to express our solidarity with the revolutionary Dimitris
Since its reelection 2019, the governing party Nea Dimokratia, tries to
enforce an extremely authoritarian agenda. Among the shades of the Corona pandemic, it established a variety of repressive laws, while trying to criminalize and stifle any kind of protest. Among many others are the abolition of the University Asylum, the attempt to establish a campus police force, more repression against leftists and anarchists. Instead of investing in the health sector, that got ruined by austerity measures, the government prefers to invest massively in new weapons and training of cops and the army. Of course not without favoring their own party members and friends.
The law that made D. Koufontinas start his hunger strike is simply
motivated by vengeance. The family of the primary minister Kyriakos
Mitsotakis was affected themselves by attacks of the 17N. Attacks that D. Koufontinas claimed responsibility for. Since 2003 he continues his
political struggle in prison. The new law says that prisoners, convicted
for terrorism, shall be transferred to high security prisons.
For D. Koufontinas, captivated since 2003, this means a significant
worsening of detention conditions.
He was transferred from the farm prison Kassevetia to the high security prison Domokos.
To maintain his dignity and to break the isolation from his family and
friends, he chose hunger strike as a last option. The Greek state denies
to agree his minimum demands, although the life of the prisoner, after 54 days without eating, could end any minute. The Greek state once more will be guilty of murdering, if it does not agree to the demands of the prisoner. The deprivation of rights that is practiced every day at the European borders with pushbacks and in the camps against refugees is expanding towards unpleasant political prisoners. Treating them “like human trash in miserable hellholes, stacking them up, far away from their families”
The solidarity claims in the last weeks from all over the world and last
but not least the giant demonstrations in Athens have shown, that
something is boiling and that we will not accept the murder of our comrade and the repression.
We will not stand by watching. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget.
Solidarity with D. Koufontinas!
Our passion for freedom is stronger than their cages!