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Animal Liberation Front

Fencing Cut at Backyard Peacock Breeder in Florida (US)

Received anonymously: In February 2021 we visited a backyard peacock/peafowl breeder near Brooksville, FL and cut the fencing of pens holding around 20 or 30 wild birds. Though not a native species, peacocks can live a feral existence which is much better than being sold as pets or for meat. Simple…

Basque ALF DEstroys 22 Hunting Stands

Received anonymously: Fifteen hunting towers and seven posts attacked in Jaizkibel, Jarindo, Kastañarri, Gorbeia, Arrikurutz and mount Kintoa. The Basque Animal Liberation Front denounces the “deplorable state” and the slaughter of animals by hunters. We will not be passively looking elsewhere…

Swedish Laboratory Manager Presented with Gift

Received anonymously: The laboratory manager at Timeline bioresearch ab (vivisection company based in Lund, Sweden). Where sent an letter containing gift-wrapped razorblades with a note telling her to do right by the innocent animals she tortured… They torment rabbits,rats,pigs among other defense…

ALF Attacks Swedish Ostrich Farm, Again

Received anonymously: WE ATTACKED AGAIN! Strike #2 against ostrich farm, somewhere in Sweden. Several road signs and parts of the farm were vandalized, and this time signs were thrown in the river. Until the death camp is closed! Until all are free! We will be back! ALF

Over 110,000 UK gun owners’ details leaked by animal rights activists

LBC.co.uk By Emma Soteriou The names and addresses of over 110,000 UK gun owners have been leaked by animal rights activists. Authorities are investigating the data breach linked to selling platform Guntrader. It saw 111, 295 users’ details released in July, with activists sharing the details on a…

Magpie Liberated, Trap Destroyed (UK)

Received anonymously: As the sun set we crept into some farmer’s garden in Norfolk and freed a magpie from this larsen then left it as a reminder that all wildlife killers are cunts

ALF Destroys Hunting Tower (Poland)

Received anonymously: At the end of August in the south of Poland, the antispeciesist activists sabotaged hunting tower. Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a murder authorized by the Polish state. ALF Silesia

German Hunters Targeted

According to local press, hunters in Roth are under a constant campaign of sabotage that is making them stop enjoying going out to shoot animals. Tyres have been slashed, wildlife cameras stolen or broken, dog shit smeared over the towers and seats as well as sabotage of the hunting cabins and ladde…

Rat Traps Stolen (Germany)

Received anonymously: EN/ RAT TRAPS STOLEN Six rat traps in front of a supermarket stolen and disposed. The thin fixing wires were cut with a side cutter, the poison was removed and the traps were put in the recycling garbage. You take the habitat from rats an other animals by building new houses on…

14 Hens Liberated in Solidarity with Camp Beagle (UK)

Received anonymously: IF YOU KEEP THE BEAGLES, WE TAKE THE HENS! 14 hens liberated in solidarity with Camp Beagle, UK. We acted fast as we only had one goal in mind: to save individuals from a life of exploitation. We walked across fields and aimed for an unknown shed. We were determined to get in…

Dog Training Facility for Hunters Raided by ALF, Quail Released (Italy)

According to the president of the dog training facility, the ALF entered the buildings over night, leaving messages on the walls and destroying chairs and tables with an axe. The small kitchen and bar were also destroyed, and the fencing nets and cages sabotaged, releasing about a hundred quails use…

Hunting Towers Destroyed (France)

Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video): At the end of July, in France, we antispeciesist activists searched for and found hunting towers in a forest. Most of them we found were already broken, well done to the activists who passed by! It’s nice to know that we’re not alo…

Wisconsin mink production hits 51-year low amid COVID-19, inventory glut

As Wisconsin’s mink production fell to its lowest level in more than half a century, animal rights activists want to shut down the remaining fur farms, which they say could spawn new variants of the COVID-19 virus. But others say the state’s oldest industry is poised for a rebound. Wisconsin’s…

Pheasant Pen Dismantled (Suffolk, UK)

Received anonymously: Pheasant pen dismantled, equipment scattered and ladder trap destroyed. Suffolk, UK. Dedicated to Robert Kett and the rebels of 1549, who also tore down fences.

Animal Rights Militia Glues Locks at Fishing Store (Sweden)

Received anonymously: When a fishing-store called ‘fiskekompaniet’ was visited in south Sweden on the night of 27th july, locks where glued! ARM

Animal Agriculture Sabotage in France

PAC = Criminal Agricultural Policy INRAe tortures husbandry slaves Christiane Lambert sow rapist, mobster, killer Against all oppressions? Become an antispecist activist Animal Liberation Husbandry creates pandemics from zoonoses: the covid is one of them The vaccine isn’t free, thousands of anima…

ALF Targets Arvaia Cooperative in Bologna (Italy)

Received anonymously: With reference to the sabotage that took place at the ARVAIA COOPERATIVE in Bologna, A.L.F. claims the action. ARVAIA, contrary to what it declared through the media: – Regularly requires hares trapping and birds shooting, guilty of damaging crops; – Advertise captures as c…

ALF Takes Out Hunting Towers (Sweden)

Received anonymously: There are killers about in the woods, so we never sleep! Hunt the Hunters! Several towers was destroyed by A.L.F, somewhere in Sweden. “Jakt är mord”!

ALF Liberates 86 Chicks (Germany)

Love Is Liberation …The A.L.F. Save 86 chicks in Germany…Saturday July 10, 2021

Hunting Stand Taken Down in Quebec (Canada)

Received anonymously: One hunter’s tree stand has been taken down in the forest, near a river, somewhere in Quebec, Canada Good luck climbing back with your broken ladder, asshole xx

ALF Liberates More than 400 Guinea Pigs in Solidarity with MBR Beagles (England, UK)

Received anonymously: In January we read an ALF report about a salamander liberation at a UK pet breeder who was selling animals to vivisection laboratories and it peaked our interest. By chance we stumbled upon an animal delivery at a local Pets At Home. Sticky fingers helped us collect an invoice…

35 Turkeys Liberated from Farm (Midlands, UK)

Received anonymously: 35 Turkeys rescued from standard ‘high welfare’ farm. All of this years ‘Christmas’ turkeys have now been bred and arrived on farms, we took a visit to this farm whilst the turkeys are young so more could leave that night. The first shed was empty, were we going to have…

Trial Will Decide Who Can Be Labeled A Domestic Terrorist (Featuring Joseph Dibee)

NPR News MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Some of the nation’s most senior law enforcement officials have called the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol domestic terrorism. But what the federal government considers its most serious domestic threats has evolved over time, raising questions about when seri…

Bipartisan Proposal Would Ban Mink Fur Farms Over COVID, Cruelty Concerns

Newsweek BY MATT KEELEY Twin concerns of cruelty and protection from COVID-19 are behind a new bipartisan proposal in the U.S. House of Representatives that would ban the sale, purchase, import and export of mink. H.R. 4310, proposed by Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn) and Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), would ame…

ALF Liberates 11 Hens in Memory of Regan Russell (Belgium)

Received anonymously: in the night.20.06.2021 belgium the A.L.F. save 11 hens from the intensive farm .. in memory of Regan Russell…

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