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Antifascist Network

“We Keep Us Safe”: Talking guns with America’s Socialist Rifle Association

Trump appears to be on the way out, but none of us can have failed to notice all his numerous heavily-armed gangs of supporters out on the streets across the USA. And even if the man may be finished, Trumpism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. These militias, “boogaloo bois”, ‘three percente…

Tommy Robinson and UKIP recruit Polish Nazis as personal security

“I despise Nazis as much as I despise Islamists.” – Tommy Robinson, October 2013 “The DFLA shuns the failed extremist politics, particularly far-left and far-right groups” – The DFLA, Mission Statement, 2019 “[Living in the UK] is now like living in … Nazi Germany” – Gerard Batte…

Whatever happened to the Polish Nazis in the DFLA?

Whatever happened to the Polish Nazis in the DFLA? 27 06 2019 In March we published an article about the DFLA Polish Division. We revealed open neo-Nazis in their ranks and how they worked as a personal security for Gerard Batten and Stephen Yaxley Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson. After we published it…

New video about Brighton Anti-Fascists

New video about Brighton Anti-Fascists 10 07 2019 Check out this new short film featuring AFN members Brighton Anti-Fascists talking a little bit about what they do and why they do it. Like what you see? Get in touch with your local group and get involved.

This Saturday – Join the opposition to the “Free Tommy” mob

This Saturday – Join the opposition to the “Free Tommy” mob 30 07 2019 Facebook event UPDATE: LOCATION ANNOUNCED – 10:30 PICCADILLY CIRCUS Tommy Robinson is back in jail for contempt of court. In an attempt to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment he livestreamed a child sexual exploitation trial, wh…

Anti-fascists hold the line against racist “Free Tommy” mob in London

On Saturday, people from all over the country came together to oppose a ‘Free Tommy’ demonstration in London in support of imprisoned anti-Muslim hate preacher Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA “Tommy Robinson”). It was a difficult day, but we stood strong, and our demo was solid. Old fascist faces…

Standing with refugees and against the far-right: Dover and beyond

Anti-Fascist Network members travelled to Dover on Saturday to support the Kent Anti-Racist Network demo in support of migrants and refugee rights and against a planned far-right anti-migrant demo. The first we heard of this a few weeks ago was when Tony Burras, a white nationalist and associate of…

Conspiracy theory is a gateway to the far-right

Conspiracy theory is a gateway to the far-right 13 08 2020 A good explanation of the workings of conspiracy theories, robbed off Facebook. Fictional conspiracy theories such as Qanon, and conspiracy theories about the imaginary “deep state” are cooked up by the far-right and weaponized to distr…

Hearts of Oak – threat or a joke?

Hearts of Oak – threat or a joke? 4 08 2020 reposted from While Rome Burns – a good write up of Tommy Robinson’s latest attempted venture. Saturday saw the public debut of a new attempt to “unite the right”. A new organisation called “Hearts of Oak” held its inaugural demo in Parlia…

Another of Tommy’ s friends in court on paedophilia charges

Another of Tommy’ s friends in court on paedophilia charges 24 02 2020 So it turns out that Tommy Robinson’s friend and Sunderland organiser Billy Charlton is soon to be in court on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography. In September 2019 he received a 21 month sentence for s…

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