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Bure Bure Bure

Appointments at court

As the mobilization has been strong in the last months, we have also suffered from police repression. Here are the dates for the month of September: – This Friday, September 10 at 9 am at the court of Bar-le-duc, a trial for refusal to comply and refusal to submit to a drug test. The person was ar…

Sabotage next to Nancy: No nuclear power, no 5g !

In the heights of the periphery of Nancy, this 18th August, a 5g antenna burned. Ni nuke ni 5G ! (Neither nuclear power nor 5G !) was tagged on a wall of the compound guarding the access to the antenna. An answer among others to the stubbornness of the government to forcefully push through its proje…

ANDRA get out – Long live handiwork!

Article published in french on Indymedia Lille. A lot has happened around the days of action against CIGEO in the vicinity of the Rayonnantes camp at Luméville station in August 2021. A brief review of the events and a call from some bandits to intensify our resistance. Upstream actions Already bef…

1,2,3 Discharge! (Meet on 21st September in Nancy)

Published in french on the 10th of September on noussommestousdesmalfaiteurs. On June 1,2,3, we were several hundred people remodelling as we wished the judicial landscape of Bar-le-Duc, with angry and flashy colours, in solidarity with the sept « Evildoers of Bure ». During 3 days, defendants…

Night-time sabotage of Poma installations

French article initially found on Indymedia Lille. Owls from here or elsewhere, we swung into the dark night. We followed the tracks of the fox and the roedeer, smelled the early autumn air, lept under the stars in the alpine mountains and rushed onto installations of the company Poma to take reveng…

Cigéo : let’s pull on the cord ! (video)

Article published on Attaque. In Bure (France), the State wants to build a center for burrying nuclear waste. In September 2021, the public hearing to determine the public utility (DUP) of the CIGÉO project will begin. A pseudo-participatory show that will open the way for the next works and exprop…

Impressions/photos of the green finger [rayonnantes]

Sabotage près de Nancy : Ni nuke ni 5G ! Dans les hauteurs de la périphérie de Nancy, ce 18 août, une antenne 5G a brûlé. Ni nuke ni 5G ! a été tagué sur un mur de l’enceinte qui en protégeait l’accès.Une réponse parmi d’autres contre l’o...   Lire la suite

Some pictures of the gatherings of the 21th of August 2021

Alcune foto dei raduni del 21 agosto 2021 Oggi, centinaia di persone hanno partecipato ai raduni festosi e determinati, divisi in 5 diversi cortei con diverse modalità di azione e temi. In attesa di ulteriori informazioni, ecco alcune foto...   Lire la suite 21/08/2021

[zine] History and context of the struggle in Bure

Here is a map of the territory around Bure, with indications in the following text. It is a representation of the area, in order to better understand the different places and the high points of the struggle (Andra laboratory, the former station of Luméville, Lejuc wood, the struggle against Unitech…

Solidarity with Boris

A few days before the beginning of the Rayonnantes camp, we send all our solidarity to Boris, imprisoned in Nacy-Maxéville since september 2020. Boris was imprisoned in the context of repression ag...   Lire la suite 13/08/2021

[zine] Collection of articles published on bureburebure.info

Hello hello! Here is a compilation of articles published from October 2020 to July 2021 on bureburebure.info in English language. If you want to join the translation team, feel free to send an email to traductions-bureburebure(a]riseup.net We are nice people. See you! Page by page format – zine fo…

Nuclear wastes : But you, what do you suggest ?

Directly from the archives of the antinuke distro, here is again the zine « Nuclear Waste: But you, what do you suggest? » , published on August 23, 2016 on the former site of the struggle, vmc.camp … Page by page format – Zine format Nuclear wastes « But you, what do you suggest? » Arch…

Solidarity with Abtin Parsa and anarchists from Iran

Note from Anarchist Bure Cross: in this article, we relay (too late) the call for a week of solidarity (12th-19th of July 2021) with the anarchist Abtin Parsa, published by the Federation of Anarchism Era. We also relay a text from Abtin Parsa published on the 8th of July 2021 about their current si…

Festival Les Bure’lesques 2021: cancelled and postponed !

Les Bure’lesques Festival : see you next year ! Our team was almost prepared to launch the 2021 edition. The festival was eagerly awaited for the 6-8 August. The program was packed and totally ready. As every year, several artists, speakers, filmmakers, technicians, local people and so on had acce…

Teaser for the rayonnantes camp (August 16-26)

Originally published on rayonnantes.org. We have been sent the video teaser of the rayonnantes camp, from august 16th to 26th. Also, this website has more information, so don’t hesitate to check it out. The Rayonnantes inspire…! Here is a video presentation in shadow puppets.    French version…

Festive and determined gatherings near Bure [20-23 august]

The antinuclear camp Les Rayonnantes will take place from 16 to 26 August near Bure. Knowledge sharing, self-training, discussions and trainings will take place during 10 days. Let’s make the most of this great moment and join even more of us on the weekend of Friday 20 to Monday 23 August to unit…

L’Affranchie threatened

On July 8, the trial to annul the sale of L’Affranchie will take place. L’Affranchie was bought about 3 years ago by two people opposed to the Cigeo project. Since then, the house is collective. It is one of the places of life as well as of activities of the fight against the Cigeo project. It i…

Bure supports la Borie !

On June 2, during the 123 Trial, in Bar-le-Duc, we learned of the eviction of La Borie, a quite 30-year-old squat in the Cévennes. In response and in support of our friends, a banner was made in fr...   Lire la suite 17/06/2021

Cigéo’s DUP : Stakes of a Fool’s Game

What is the DUP ? The Déclaration d’Utilité Publique (DUP), which translates to “Public Utility Declaration”, is an administrative procedure that allows the State to requisition a parcel of land or a private property in order to develop infrastructures that are supposedly of general interes…

June 11, 2021: International day of solidarity with Marius Mason & all long-term anarchist prisoners

Below, we republish a call initially published on june11.noblogs.org. Against another year of state encroachment, against the restriction of free movement under the auspices of “safety,” against the continued brutalization of our friends in prison, we call for a renewal of solidarity on June 11…

Les rayonnantes, anti-nuclear camp [16-26 august next to Bure]

From august 16 to 26 next to Bure, Let’s meet against the deadly nuclear power and its world of dominations. Where they want to bury everything, let’s grow our struggles against Cigéo! The Cigéo project led by Andra in Meuse (55), is the promise to bury 85 000m³ of radioactive waste in 270 km…

June trial – 123 practical infos!

June 123 is approaching! Call text in english and posters here. And as you know, many people are working to organize a great mobilization for these three days 🙂 So we wanted to send you some PRACTICAL INFO so that you can prepare yourselves at best! 1) WELCOME FORM You want to come to Bure after…

Open letter to you who shares memories with Bure

In 1995 you trumbled as you took to the streets in Bar-le-Duc with thousands of Meuse residents protesting angrily against the laboratory project in Bure, In 2002 you pitched your tent with hundreds of others in a vast camp in front of the laboratory under construction, In 2005 you nailed, hammered…

AUTOMEDIA Sessions the 20-21 May 2021

Whether it is for big events or on a daily basis, practicing automedia in a collective manner is useful to : Produce ourselves the information we want to, withouth depending upon the traditional media (which often belong to private capitals) Throw off the stale stereotypes of many journalists, by ta…

« Democratic nuclear energy » doesn’t exist

Nowadays, a deceptive discourse is gaining more and more traction: nuclear power, a so-called « decarbonized » energy, could save the climate. This misleading assertion collapses as soon as this industrial sector in its entirety is examined with a little rigor. However, this current debate shoul…

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