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Derry Anarchists (Ireland)

¡Helen Harris – Presente!

Remembering our much loved friend and comrade today on May 13th.

Anarchist Prisoner Updates: Moscow

Possibilities to protest in Russia were already significantly limited before the pandemic, and during the last two years, from March 2020 to Russian attack to Ukraine, street demonstrations have been banned with the pretext of the Covid Pandemic. People were demonstrating persecutions against opposition leader Alexey Navalnyi, and in few other cases…

Whoever You Vote For – The Government Wins!

“ Question, How many voters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, because voting doesn’t  change anything.”   Joke by David Graeber in Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology.If Voting could change anything they would make it illegal. Attributed to both Mark Twain and Emma Goldman. As a quick introduction, I would like to say that Anarchists…

Death of an Anarchist: 20th Anniversary of John McGuffin 1942 – 2002

Today 28th April, marks the 20th anniversary of the death of former civil rights activist and anarchist John McGuffin. Local activists in the city marked the occasion by creating a mural at Free Derry wall in the Bogside with the anarchist red and black colours. Today we remember John and the contributions he has made throughout his years as a activist…

Back with a bang: radical bookfair to take place in the bogside again

This year’s Radical Bookfair will take place in Derry as the city commemorates the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.  This year will mark the 6th Derry Radical Bookfair and the first since the global pandemic closed the majority of public gatherings.  A spokesperson for the Derry Radical Bookfair said:  “We are delighted to announce that the…


Derry will this year mark the 50th Anniversary of the Bloody Sunday Massacre by takingto the streets to demand justice for those wounded and executed by the British State. This coming January, Derry will mark the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. A day in which 14 innocent people were murdered on the streets of the city as they protested against the…

Barricade Bulletin No.16 – Out Now!

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Barricade Bulletin No. 15 OUT NOW!

IWW Prisoners Solidarity With Blood Money Campaign

Members of the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee have issued a message of international solidarity with workers in Myanmar and the Blood Money Campaign. The statement was released earlier today by prisoners following increased solidarity action protests across Ireland, England and Scotland. "We send love and solidarity to the people of Myanmar…

Call to support the revolution in Brazil

We, anarchist and communist militants from the city of São Paulo, organized in the "Revolução Periférica" movement, would like to address this message to our comrades outside Brazil. We came up as a movement days before our first action: the arson attack against the infamous "Borba Gato": an 13 meter statue of an infamous colonizer and slave…

Help End Prison Book Ban in North of Ireland

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Northern Ireland Prison Service put in place a ban on books in prison. More than one year on, as the pandemic eases, the Northern Ireland Prison Service’s continued restriction of access to reading materials such as books and magazines is a shocking violation of the human rights of people inside.Restrictive…

Urgent Solidarity with John Paul Wootton

Following recent protest action at Maghaberry Prison, the family of John Paul Wootton are now calling upon the current Director General of the Northern Ireland Prison Service, Ronnie Armour, to intervene to help end the ongoing acts of discrimination against their son, brother, uncle and miscarriage of justice victim, John Paul Wootton.On behalf of…

IWW Prison Protest: Discrimination Has To End

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On This Day

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North West Anti Fascist Commemoration: 85th Anniversary of the Spanish Revolution

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Bloody Sunday: No Justice! No Peace!

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Ainrialaithe Bhéal Feirste: We talk to Belfast Anarchists who are helping to build working class resistance on the streets and in the workplace!

In Belfast today, a small group of anarchists, abolitionists, and anti-authoritarian communists has formed around old and new anarchist infrastructure. For wont of a better label, we are Belfast Anarchists/Ainrialaithe Bhéal Feirste – leave the fancy names and acronyms to the statists, we’re here to build community solidarity, smash the state…

Northern Anarchists: Educate, Agitate, Organise!

Over the last number of months, anarchist activity and interest in anarchism generally has increased. This can be seen by anarchist visibility generally, such as participation at public events as the streets begin to open up a bit more due to the pandemic.  For ourselves, we have witnessed growth, contact and communication from anarchists in other…

Barricade Bulletin No.14 OUT NOW!

Barricade Bulletin No.14

The Derry Anarchist Collective's very own Barricade Bulletin No.14 - June/July/August issue is now out! Barricade Bulletin is now available from members locally or directly from the usual local outlets. For those beyond the North West, you can download the online version with news and other information. As ever Barricade Bulletin is free for prisoners…

A history of the Belfast Anarchists

Some of the work of the Belfast Anarchists has been documented over the years, however this one by Michael Hall is worth circulating as a historical document.  'A History of the Belfast Anarchist Group and Belfast Libertarian Group 1968–1974' was written by Michael Hall who himself has been active over the years in anarchist politics locally.  This…

Kronstadt Revolution We Will Never forget: Remember the Kronstadt uprising a centuary on 1921-2021

"Everywhere that the Communist dictatorship has been established, a new slavery has been created. The peasant has been transformed into a serf, the worker has become a mere employee in the state factories. “Those who protests are thrown in to the jails of the Checka [secret police]. And those who still dare to rebel are simply shot. The whole of…

Current violence in Belfast is an example of the State dividing the working class, say anarchists

More than a week of conflict has occurred on the streets of Belfast.  Headlines have described it as ‘loyalist violence’. But anarchists in the north of Ireland told Phoenix Media Co-op that the violence isn’t really about the ‘loyalist’ and ‘republican’ narrative peddled by the British media. Stoking divisions People inside and outside…

Who Do They Think They’re Kidding?

You would be forgiving it was April Fools Day when witnessing social media going into free-fall following the recent Derry City and Strabane District Council meeting of the ‘Governance and Strategic Planning Committee’ as local councillors voted NOT to give themselves a pay rise. Was it a well intentioned gesture of concern by our political leaders…

The Anarchist Prince: Remembering Kropotkin 100 years after his death

Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin died 100 years ago, on the 8th of February 1921. The anarchists of Moscow organised his funeral, refusing to accept assistance from the Government, and tens of thousands of workers, intellectuals and students followed the cortege in demonstration of their solidarity with his opposition to the Communist dictatorship. True…

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