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Property, part 1

Once, when I was an adolescent, I was walking a dog around the neighbourhood. It was a cousin’s dog, they had gone away and left it to us to look after in the meantime. It was dusk, and I enjoyed the stroll around the block as it gave me time to think, even if the neighbourhood wasn’t much more…


Across Europe we are seeing politicians preach the necessity of austerity today so that we might someday experience a better tomorrow, so that our children are not saddled with insurmountable debt. This is falsehood is the crowning glory of a strategy whose ultimate goal that goes far beyond mere de…

The rhetoric of novelty

With its self-aggrandizing terminology of capital flows, derivatives and liquidity, capital shrouds itself in a glossy veneer of hypermodernity. Complex language is employed to reinforce the notion that neoliberal capitalism is the most advanced, forward thinking model of societal organisation avail…

The illusory centre

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the horrors of (bureaucratic totalitarian state capitalist) ‘actually existing socialism’, free market fundamentalist ideologues sought to paint a picture of never-ending contentment and prosperity for all. ‘The…

Led by science? Or led by profit?

Throughout this crisis, much has been made of how governments around the world have been “led by science”, the expression used ad nauseum in attempt to reassure the populace that measures put in place are guided by expertise and not ideology. All too often, the reality of the tension between eco…

Salus populi suprema lex esto

The health of the people is the supreme law. Cicero’s famous maxim. Searching for a principle that acts as a counterpoint to the logic that has brought about our present crisis, few appear as pertinent. Not merely denoting ‘health’ in the sense of physical wellbeing, ‘salus’ might also be…

A pox on all their houses [or, how lockdown makes clear (to those who have not been paying attention) the substantive content of divisions in ownership of and access to property]

The coronavirus pandemic has revealed a great many of the inadequacies of our present systemic model to those who had previously refused to properly engage with them, or been in a state of cognitive dissonance regarding our capacity to address them. Perhaps foremost amongst these issues is that of s…

An inevitable reckoning

This crisis feels apposite, as if it is long overdue. Something about it happening in this moment just feels right, horrifying as it is. The global order has just about held together this past decade and a bit. The impact of the 2008 financial crisis had immediate consequences, and yet its deeper ef…

Days of plague

This is written from a city under siege, in a state of war against an invisible enemy. A government lockdown is in force, people are only allowed to leave their places of residence in a limited set of circumstances, buying food or medicine. Even then, these activities are to be conducted alone, and…

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