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Just Say No

Translation of a letter from a Cuban Anarchist after the protests

There is a lot of turmoil that cannot be fit into a left-right schema. It is a people who are discovering their capacity to be more than a mere mass of support for a retrograde and cynical oligarchy which uses the words “revolution” and “anti-imperialism” to legitimize an ordinary despotism…

our wrath overflows: flyer from an @fem demo

I recently attended an anarchist-feminist demonstration that made a strong impression on me. You can read more about the action and the event that provoked it here. While it would have been bad form to take photos of the many stickers and graffiti I saw, I did collect some of the flyers that were be…

what made me askeered?

My first piece of original writing in greek
 a taut dialogue between server & customer I am taking lessons in Greek. Yesterday, just before my tutor arrived I had the early flutterings of a panic attack. I smoked a cigarette, but it only exacerbated my symptoms. It seemed an unusual cirumstance. A…

at last, a white perspective on Black Hammer

You may or may not be familiar with the American anti-imperialist org “Black Hammer,” a political group that’s become an enduring object of obsession to a number of loud whites online. In their own words, Black Hammer is “a revolutionary mass organization dedicated toward building a sustaina…

wally and the no gang: steadfast

Been branching out during my recent infirmity; experimenting with new forms.   Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook

a change of scenery

Do you like rock climbing? i love it. it’s exceptionally easy for me since i am actually only eyes and hands and nothing else. i’m like some spooky VR visitor– a floating perception point isometrically flanked by clumsy reality-manipulators. that’s all! it would be rude to contradict me; onl…

Meet Your Local Clown Fascists

Note: unlike other recovered articles from the shotgun, i didn’t write this one. ‘arrigoni’s ghost’ did. i did contribute some material however & i think it’s worth keeping the info on these fash scum available on the internet. Peter Morgan had a nice little business selling fashion patche…

The Curse of Kirsha: Kirsha Kaechele Kreates

This was part two of a planned three-part series on Art, Race & Real Estate in New Orleans for a periodical called The Shotgun, which has since vanished from the web. In part one of this series we talked about two recent racist New Orleans art swindlers: the AirBnB Queen, Muck Rock, and the deranged…

“revolutionary tourists” in gran canaria

Just downriver from New Orleans is a large (though much-reduced) population descended from Canary Islanders. These “Isleños” came to South Louisiana in the late 1700s and have their own rich conflictual history, including a 1926 insurrection. More on that later, perhaps. What follows, though re…

a disquisition on R’s ass

When we study R’s ass– when we speak of R’s ass– the ass is of course intrinsically of R– literally, mechanically constituent to R– but nevertheless, due to its legendary magnetism and conceptual power, also an almost ontologically externalized aspect of R, a phenomenon unto itself, this…

dissecting good propaganda

I don’t believe in electoral politics, but i believe in the power of propaganda– or what we in the bullshit business call “narrative.” during her initial run for office a few years back, this u.s. politician AOC ‘went viral’ with a very good campaign video. now that she’s running for r…

the fertile grave

I experienced what i would call radical liberation– the wild exponential flowering of possibility– when i accepted that there was nothing in this world for me. no happiness, no affinity, no satisfaction. this liberation was not epiphanic. it’s a practice, a process. it is that most holy act, r…

recovered work from The Shotgun

Over the years I’ve excreted mountains of verbal waste under this and other names. Most of it sinks without a ripple; often the writing I labor longest on is least read. Wind and rain eradicate the self-aggrandizing sand mandalas and no-one’s better or worse off for them ever having existed. Occ…

a greek meme

Hipster: we are the granddaughters of the witches you didn’t burn her grandma: cell phones are satanic being as i am a lazy caricature of a north american anarchist, i find myself interested in learning modern greek. one fun way i like to learn is by translating political banners in photos and gre…

recovered work from UNCONTROLLABLE

An old friend shared with me copies of UNCONTROLLABLE, another post-k new orleans anarchist periodical to which i contributed. it was one i’d quite liked, since it had great art and was more or less 100% attack. i thought ah, i bet nobody remembers a lot of the actions in here. it’s so spirited…

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