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Komun Academy (Kurdish)

The Mental Revolution inside the İmralı System of Torture and Isolation

An article by KCK Executive Council Member Xebat Andok The New Paradigm’s view on humanity and society is organic. According to this understanding, the human being as “the sum of the realities that have spread throughout the universe since the Big Bang” is a universal move. As of the containme…

Knowing our history means being able to continue the struggles

The Initiative “History and Resistance” introduces itself Who are the democratic forces in the history of the German-speaking world? What traces have they leave us? How did people live and organise before the emergence of the national state, which happened here comparatively late? These and many…

Mustafa Karasu: Building Democratic Modernity

Especially at a time when humanity is in deep crisis and depression, discussing Rêber Apo’s (Abdullah Öcalan) thoughts that will be a solution to this chaos and crisis will be guiding in terms of finding solutions to the problems of capitalism in the world, especially in Europe in the coming per…

From the diary of Selma Doğan – Another new beginning of my life II

The guerrilla fighter Zinarin wrote her diary in the form of letters to her friend and comrade, Melsa. Below is the second part of excerpts we are publishing from her diary. 11 February 1997 Here is the battalion of Çiyaye Sipi (a region in Kurdistan) and here is the women’s unit… After a 26-ho…

Capitalism as the Arch-enemy of Ecological Societies

Felix Padel is born in London, went to Oxford & Delhi universities studying ancient literature & history, anthropology, sociology; with a doctorate in Social Anthropology. Presently mostly lives & works in India. Has written two major books – “Sacrificing People: Invasions of a Tribal Landscape…

“Go work first!” – On work ethic and the spirit of capitalism

In addressing the question of how capitalist modernity was able to assert itself in Central Europe, the “History and Resistance” initiative in Germany dealt, among other things, with Max Weber’s work on the spirit of capitalism. His theses and the discussion that developed on the basis of his…

Liberating the Middle East from the Nation-State

Why is the emphasis on the beginning of history important? Sociality plays a dominant role in the path of being human. Sociality is not independent of the place in which it occurs. Space, conditions and historical periods have obvious effects on this. The Middle East has played a cradle role in huma…

Women will defend the Rojava revolution – Interview with YPJ commander Zeynep Efrin

The Women’s Defence Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Jin – YPJ) were formed on April 4th 2013 in Rojava. Especially with their resistance against the so-called Islamic State in Kobane (2014-2015), they came to be known internationally. Women in many countries in the Middle East and beyond were inspi…

Making wealth out of human misery

As the number of COVID-19 infections across India cross the 5 million mark, argued by many as very low estimates based on insufficient testing, the yawning gap between the demands of a billion plus people for good health and the abysmal support and health infrastructure extended by the Government is…

Understanding structural problems in the Middle East’s historical development

It is a truth that all sciences are allied to each other, and in this alliance history plays the role of a sword—not only for human society but in all universal formations. In this sense, human society is not only human history, but also the history of the universe. Throughout time humans, and the…

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