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Melbourne Antifascists (AUS)

Fascists and the media

On 12 April 2021, there was a group of white nationalists that held a ‘White Lives Matter’ (WLM) rally in California. It was largely a flop for them, being driven off the streets by antifascists but they were able to generate a small propaganda video that gained some traction online. They are tr…

UPF In Bendigo; Making Them Lose on Away Days

We’ve already been through a few rounds with both the UPF and Reclaim Australia, and now we’re back at it again in Bendigo. The 10-10-15 ‘Global Day of Action Against Islam” is being used by the patriots to continue to have a whine about the mosque in Bendigo. As we’ve said before, if you…

Voices of the UPF

The concerned mums and dads of Reclaim Australia and the UPF made it so clear on Sunday Night with Kent Brockman that they are very, very, very super duper concerned about getting their chance to speak their minds and do that freedom of speech thing our constitution is so super keen on. In keeping w…

On the Party for Freedom @ the Halal Expo, Flemington. 2016

On Sunday, the fascist grouplet “Party for Freedom”, an openly xenophobic, islamophic and racist organisation held a demonstration outside the Halal foods Expo in Flemington, Victoria. The group comprised mostly of late 20’s-mid 30’s men dressed themselves in different traditional Islamic ga…

Love coburg (///) hate racism

Dear lovely anti-racist folks of Melbourne (and gday to those further afield), It’s less than 24 hours until a motley crew of fascists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, extreme nationalists & racist ‘patriots’ plan on assembling in Coburg. Why? Well, fuck knows. Based on what they’re saying on…

The UPF & Blair Cottrell counter-protest BLM: And He Would’ve Got Away With It, If It Wasn’t For His Meddling Ego

A group of unidentified patriots in matching black bloc gear showed up to the Black Lives Matter march in Melbourne on the 17th of July to make a brief and unimpressive nuisance. The (15-strong) counter-demo held pro-police and anti-BLM signs, including one advancing the obscure and antisemitic cons…

Information for 6th June Stop Black Deaths in Custody Rally

First of all, please continue to refer to the event page on Facebook for all updates. The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) have continued to make posts and updates to the event and this should be your key place for information. Protest Safety and Covid-19 WAR have provided a good protest…

Lauren Southern and Her Nazi Security

Friday night saw things going down out at the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event in Somerton. A lot has been written about this, and SlackBastard has made a post here. However, what we want to focus on, given the tour still has 3 more shows in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, is her use of priv…

Who’s Who in the Fascist Zoo? (Mid-2018)

Well, well, well, here we are again. Having to shine a light on all the racist, fascist scum running around Narrm (so-called Melbourne). Y’know what? We don’t want to do this. We don’t want to spend our time researching and tracking these knuckle-dragging scum bags. We’d all much prefer buil…

Getting ready for Sunday’s flagwit march

Alright! We’re using the blog again. This post is here to serve a few purposes, so skip down the page to find what you’re after if some of this doesn’t feel relevant to you: 1. To let people know the playing field on the far-right and the State (the cops) and generally what we’ll be up again…

Kenji Wardenclyffe Isn’t Our Comrade

Kenji Wardenclyffe’s photo is a knife in the hands of those that want to destroy Safe Schools. Kenji Wardenclyffe, photo sourced ethically, impartially and off-record. Firstly, it’s important for Kenji and others to understand that the spaces anti-fascists create and occupy aren’t for just any…

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