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CALL: The Spirit of 15th August is Alive!

CALL: 9 years of Revolution in Rojava – WE CONTINUE TO “UNITE IN RESISTANCE”

Evaluation of the Current Political-Military Situation in Kurdistan, 29th June 2021

May Day Greetings 2021

 May Day Greetings 2021Silav Ă» rĂȘz ƟoreƟgerĂź, Today, we celebrate all the brave revolutionaries around the world fighting against capitalism, for socialism and a free society. We see this fight as a continuation of the struggle of the Haymarket Martyrs and we give great value to the history of…

Call for Action: Against attacks on Medya Defense Areas! #UniteInResistance #SmashTurkishFascism, 24.04.2021

SPRING OFFENSIVE: Unite in Resistance – Dem dema azadi ye

Unite in resistance – Statement in Solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas, 1st March 2021

Call for Action: Smash the fascists and their international collaborators everywhere! #RiseUpAgainstFascism, 10.02.2021

Statement: 6 year anniversary of the liberation of KobanĂȘ, 26th January 2021

Call to join the Long March 2021 for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan

Current political-military evaluation, 30th September 2020

Evaluation of the current political-military situation, 1st December 2020

We will #RiseUp4Revolution worldwide until the system is falling!

 On 18th & 19th of July we were RisingUp4Revolution worldwide!We will RiseUp4Revolution worldwide until the system is falling!We, as Women Defend Rojava, Make Rojava Green Again, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava and RiseUp4Rojava, are sending greetings to every person and every organisation w…

Evaluation of the current political-military situation, 11th August 2020

Evaluation of the current political-military situation, 11th August 2020In the evaluation of the current political and military situation of July 21, published by “RiseUp4Rojava”, it was already made clear that with a clarification of the situation in Heftanin the next invasion attack on Rojava…

Call 15th August: «Smash Turkish Fascism»

 Call 15th August “Smash Turkish Fascism“ What began as the determined action of a small group soon turned into the struggle of millionsOn 15thAugust, we, as internationalists from all over the world, launch our renewed offensive against the fascist Turkish state and its henchmen with the state…

Brochure: How to recognise a war when you see one

Statement of support for KCK-Campaign: “End isolation, fascism, occupation; Time to Ensure Freedom”

Call: International Week of Solidarity and Action, 1st – 8th November 2020

 From KobanĂȘ to the World: Rise Up against FascismCome out for the international action week from 1st – 8th November 2020:World KobanĂȘ Day and the revolution in RojavaOn 1st November 2014, millions of people around the world took to the streets to express their solidarity with the heroic resist…

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