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Ruins Of Capital

Spirituality and Combat

A conversation with Marcello Tarì and Matt Peterson originally published in e-flux.

Revolution and Destituent Power

Transcript of an anonymous talk recorded in early 2020.

Bobby Lee’s Hands

By Fred Moten

Refusing Completion

A Conversation with Fred Moten, Stefano Harney, and Stevphen Shukaitis, first published at e-flux.

Illegalist Foucault, Criminal Foucault

By Delio Vásquez

What Is Pop Fascism?

This text appeared in lundimatin #195 on June 10th, 2019. Marcello Tarì is an independent researcher living between France and Italy. Translated for It’s Going Down.

For The Insurrection To Succeed, We Must First Destroy Ourselves

By Alex Trocchi, 2011. Excerpted from Revolt and Crisis in Greece.

Let’s Destitute The World

Chapter four from the Invisible Committee’s Now.

Regard For One Another

Rizvana Bradley interviews Saidiya Hartman for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

For The Ones To Come

Chapter seven from the Invisible Committee’s Now.

Building & Fighting

Intergalactic reflections on destituent power. ‘History Is No Longer On Our Side’ and ‘A Presentation Of To Our Friends In Chiapas.’

A Letter From Minneapolis

From “Warning: A Letter To Minneapolis” by Liaisons published in The New Inquiry.

Stealing Away In America

From “Stealing Away In America” by Zoé Samudzi in conversation with Vicky Osterweil in Jewish Currents.

What Is An Insurrection?

Destituent Power and Ontological Anarchy in Agamben and Stirner, by Saul Newman.

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