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The Bristolian (UK)

It’s a library Jim … but not as we know it

What’s going on at Clifton Library? It appears to have been taken over by a group of local worthies, the Friends of Clifton Library (FoCL), an “unincorporated association”, who have installed a bar and started charging the public for free events. Listed among their committee members is Tory masquerading as Green councillor, Paula “Taking the…

St monica trust: on the picket line

Another bad day for the Merchant Venturers. How much longer must the city put up with a slave trade clown show running our public services?

L&g watch

We recently ran a story on our website about the relationship between L&G, who the Reverend Rees is gifting Arena island to, and the Tory government under Theresa May. Now we learn that the global pension player turned property developer continues to maintain strong links to the Tories under Johnson. A Freedom of Information request to the Ministry…

St monica trust update

The fight at St Monica Trust against fire and rehire and cuts to pay and conditions continues. Management have refused to meet for negotiations and so the workers have been left with no other option but to stand up for themselves and strike. Five days of strike action have been announced starting tomorrow, Wednesday 29th June. *  Wednesday 29th June…

Blair babe in conflict shocker!

Claire Babe Wasn’t it lovely to see the former youthful Labour Parliamentary candidate for Skipton and Repton and former employee of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Claire “Babe” Hazelgrove, out ‘on the doorstep’ campaigning hard to keep the mayoral system in Bristol? On April 30 Claire even announced on Twitter, “Final few days…

Democracy watch

Some tittle-tattle about the Labour Party and the mayoral referendum: a little birdy tells us Bristol Labour never passed a motion through their internal processes about any of it. Therefore the membership never confirmed that they supported having mayor in Bristol.  Instead, it seems,Labour councillors and members were instructed by the Reverend…

St monica trust strike dates announced

St Monica: patron saint of picket lines Attention comrades! Care workers at the St Monica Trust, the notorious Merchant Venturer-run care home operation, have announced the dates of their first wave of strikes: They will be on strike for 24 hours on June 29, July 2 and July 5 They will be on strike for 48 hours 10 – 11 July The workers are going on…

Refugee watch

The barely concealed joy of council bigwigs at the first Ukrainian refugee family through the door at Bristol City Council last month was quickly silenced when the family told the assembled reception committee that they “didn’t want to live next door to any coloured people”! The constant media and political frenzy around the arrival of white…

Creative anti-union network

Bufton-Tufton: posh bloke who hates uppity workers? There was a bit of a fuss recently after the Reverend instructed one of his idiot sidemen, Craig “Crapita” Cheney to veto a multimillion WECA grant to the Creative Youth Network, the former protectorate of failed Green mayoral candidate, Sandy “Bufton-Tufton” Hore-Ruthven. Unfortunately the…

Knowle party pooped!

Councillor Gary Hopkins now leader of an imaginary political party (watercolour & crayon, 2013, Guriben) Another big shout out to “L’il” Tim O’Gara, the half-trained lawyer and full time posh twit the Rees administration has made their Head of Legal and Monitoring Officer. At the Annual Full Council meeting on 24 May, L’il Tim presented a…

“i have nothing to declare but my complete inability to know what i’m talking about”

The Reverend “Modest Marvin” Rees took the opportunity on Brunel’s birthday to compare his ‘ambition’ to that of the famous right wing 19th Century engineer with the mixed record. The following Tweet appeared on 9 April: Just a few issues with this. Not least that Isambard Kingdom Brunel didn’t build the Thames Tunnel – “the 1st tunnel…

Woman coining it

Bamford: coining it With the ink freshly dried on Bristol City Council’s pay policy, we’re pleased to reveal the first City Council worker we’ve discovered breaking it. Please step up, er. Stepping Up Director, Christine “Wonky* Bamford. She’s the lucky recipient on the receiving end of a trail of payments of over £22k a month to run the…

Netting zeroes: public heat – private profit

An announcement in March that the council’s £7.3m City Leap procurement process had finally come to an end and US firm Ameresco had got the contract to ‘decarbonise’ the city by 2030 was accompanied by a lovely Thatcherite kick in the teeth from Labour. As it was also revealed that the city’s heat network assets would be handed to Ameresco’s…

New uni boss is snooty racist

“Horrendous racist snob” Can we be among the first to welcome horrifying racist snob Evelyn “Rockerfeller” Welch MBE to Bristol as the new Vice-Chancellor of the city’s wealthiest education corporate, the University of Bristol? Harvard educated US citizen, Evelyn’s down home credentials include being “a scholar of the Renaissance and…

Whatever happened to mini-me?

The power of the Bristolian? After our sensational interview on Bristol Unpacked with Neil “Maitlis” Maggs a strange thing happened. When asked about the Reverend’s ridiculous personal assistant “Slo” Kev Slocombe we pointed out that he came across as a bit of weirdo, always lurking behind the Reverend like a Marvin mini-me with a hand stuck…

Rita lynch, qeld, molly samson – bristolian benefit – this friday

Generous donations on the door please – no one turned away for lack of funds With Rita Lynch (absolute legend) along with Qeld (black block anarcho rap) and Molly Samson (Easton’s finest poet and song writer).

FUCK THE JUBILEE! Pictures from the first night of the Easton Punk Festival

Photos taken by Maciej Mastalerz of Doomridermedia Out street party’s better than yours

Fuck the jubilee bank holiday weekender


Has the reverend given arena island away to the tories?

An old FoI request about the dodgy Bristol City Council/L&G Arena island deal catches the eye. It reveals L&G execs operating inside Number 10 [Downing Street] in 2015 and meeting Bristol City council property bosses who were supposed to be building an arena on the controversial site: The bizarre deal The Reverend has now struck with L&G execs is that…

Wye watch

Wye Oh Why? Bristol City Council rolls out its annual Pay Policy Statement. Where they announce the ratio of their lowest paid worker to an alleged highest paid worker. Written by one the council’s leading retards, HR Director, Mark “Bashar” Williams, it’s an eyewatering tissue of lies and bullshit that’s dutifully signed off every year by…


The Reverend’ Rees’s not just an idiot. He’s an innumerate idiot. His amazing plan to spend over £100m on an upmarket concert venue for the city’s snooty culture set to hang around air kissing each other and talking pretentious bollocks in might not be going to plan. In the council’s Statement of Accounts for last year that are just about…

Labour blames election bellyflop on non-existent middle classes

 A crap win, by just 52 votes over the Greens, by Labour’s self-styled working class hero Kye “The” Dudd at the Southmead by-election had The Dudd’s team reaching for their copies of The Labour Party Book of Crap Excuses. Divide and misrule was the excuse of choice. ‘Gentrification’ was to blame, announced local Labour mastermind ‘Slo’…

In plain sight

To the The Guild of Guardians website, which tells us that this obscure invitation-only organisation for the wealthy “is a registered charity that aims to improve the quality of the Civic life of the City of Bristol. In partnership with the City, the Guild continues to support and enhance the Mansion House and Office of Lord Mayor.” So far so exclusive…

Did slo kev wreck corbyn’s career?

Slo Kev, remaining tight-lipped as usual. A heroic reader has suffered Guardian columnist, Owen “Luvvie” Jones’s latest book, ‘This Land: The Story of a Movement‘ so we don’t have to. The book is “a compelling, page-turning journey through a tumultuous decade in British politics” according to the, er, Guardian, and describes the rise…

Eco-con firm’s slope study sham

Bristol City Council’s house building company, Goram Homes, have binned plans for housing on the council-owned section of Western Slopes. However, corporate developer Lovells still have a planning application outstanding on the privately-owned section of the land. This application includes an ecological report prepared by Bath’s Ethos Environmental…

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