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Tyneside Anarchist (UK)

Sunderland’s pirate radio

Here is a small section of a chapter in ‘Anarchism in North East England 1882-1992‘ (available now) One of our favorite bits …. its early 1983 and………. The state in its efforts to dominate and influence every aspect of our daily lives would also make moves for more of a control of the air…

Book review – Anarchism in North East England

Tyneside Anarchist Archive, Anarchism in North East England, 1882 – 1992, 505 pages, [Active Distribution. £9. Available 1st week of July) [] This impressive and comprehensive contribution caps a canny few years of the careful development of the Tyneside Anarchist Archive. This phenomenon started…

Anarchism in North East England – available now mail order

Anarchism in North East England: 1882-1992 500+ pages – only £9.00. Also available through the Active Distribution website imminently please share… 🙂

Check it out…..

[] []

Anarchism in North East England 1882 – 1992

The first glimpse of our promised history, getting shipped now. 500 pages..only £9. Available soon through Active Distribution. More details to follow, but for now a few pictures…..

Racism and Fascism today (1978)

The following article is from a member of the locally based Black Jake / Newcastle Anarchist Group and was published in Freedom. Volume 39, Number 20. 14th October. 1978. Obviously dated but still of interest. We have rescued and re-published here for elements of local posterity. The Freedom introdu…

DNR zine.

Next on a visit to the scanner is DNR, a Newcastle based ‘zine’ from 1991, and admittedly, that’s about all we know about it. Is this the only issue produced ? Whats DNR mean ? As ever, the PDF is below picture..enjoy, share and divint be square ! dnrDownload

Newcastle Anarchist Meeting. 1944

1944, and another snippet of information that just missed the final edit of our book…. for more items to view similar to this, try our facebook page here…. []

Strike 9 + 10

Concluding this series – STRIKE Number 9. Teesside anarchist broadsheet. Late 1989. STRIKE Number 10. Teesside anarchist broadsheet. Feb 1990. Both A3 two sided sheets on one PDF document (file below picture) strike-9-and-10Download

EVERYTHING – Anarchist Feminist

Everything – Anarchist Feminist Magazine. Number 7. (Everything about mental health issue) Summer 1983. Sydney, Australia. In an interlude from our local endeavors, we highlight this 38 year old delicate paper we have in our collection. Some (dated) but interesting articles on everything anarchist…

STRIKE 7. Teesside 1988/1989

Strike No 7. Teesside anarchist newsheet, 3 page, the centre opens out to an a3 size anti-poll tax poster. As ever the PDF file is below pictures…. centre poster.. we’re not just not paying, we’re not friggin paying strike7Download


Strike Back ! Number 5. May Day edition 1984. Produced by our friends doon the road from the Middlesbrough Direct Action Movement (DAM) at Teesside. By issue 7 it had changed its name to just Strike !, of which we have another three issues to bring you at a later date. We have issues 7, 9, and 10. W…

Sunderland – Anti-Poll Tax News

NOT THE SOCIALIST WORKERS ANTI-POLL TAX NEWS. 2 page A3 broadsheet. Produced by our friends over in Sunderland late 1990 / early 1991. More of this era and the local fight against the Poll Tax is covered in our forthcoming book, but for now we share this. Read about the Trafalgar Sq poll tax riot. A…

Chomsky; the importance and limitations of his political writings and philosophy

The following essay is written by a local and dear friend to the archive, and was described recently to us by the author as “quite a harsh critique (concealed inside many compliments) of Chomsky”. It was originally published in Anarchist Studies, Vol. 3, No. 2, April 1995, and is reprinted here…

Secret Anarchist History of Newcastle

As a prelude and brief introductory history of anarchism in North East England and the completion of our history in book format (out this spring? after virus + various delays) we share with you ‘The secret anarchist history of Newcastle‘. Written by a friend of the archive in 2008ish, it is a…

Thomas spence

When a few local ‘comrades’ learned I was writing a book on the history of anarchism in the North East of England, a common remark was “oh you must include Thomas Spence”. At first I agreed, then didn’t, then did again, then cut the whole thing as the history is 1882-1992 and the events of…

Riots, rebellion, revolt and resistance….

A SMALL SNAPSHOT OF LOCAL ….RIOTS, REBELLION, REVOLT AND RESISTANCE The North East of England has a rich history or revolt and resistance to authority. Whole volumes could, and have been written on this subject. With a natural aversion to control from outside or above, the people of the North East…

Kropotkin’s Federalist Ideas

Camillo Berneri ( May 28, 1897, – May 5, 1937, Barcelona) – Peter Kropotkin – His Federalist Ideas. Freedom Press. London. Copy of the 1943 edition of this delicate little pamphlet, part of a recent donation. And we found a PDF of it for you….. kpDownload

Christian anarchist ?

The formation in 1816 of the Society for the Promotion of Permanent & Universal Peace in London also inspired the creation of further societies throughout the country, and in particular Darlington and Newcastle, thus the Newcastle Upon Tyne Peace Society (1817 – 50) was born. The Newcastle society…

Newcastle resistance

Newcastle Anarchist Communist Federation active 1986 – Jan 1993, re-established 1996 and produced 6 issues of Newcastle Resistance (October / November 1996 – June / July 1997), all gathered together as a PDF file. We have previously posted these on our FBook page, except the ‘Green issue’ (p…


ANARCHY! Libertarian Broadsheet for the North East. Issue 2. 1994. Running alongside Tyneside Anarchist Group mid to late 90,s. We have issues 2,3,4,&5 (1994-1996), any other issues, especially No 1 we would love to see…get in touch. PDF file here… anarchy 2  which is 4 x  A4 pages long.

Class war

KICK THE TORIES OOT…WE SAY KICK THEM IN ! Thatcher resigned 28th November, 1990 and Tyneside Class War were straight on the case. Local leaflet December 1990 / Jan 1991.


STUFF THE VOTE ! We bring you the final issue we have of Anarchy ! A libertarian broadsheet for the North East, issue 5. 1996. The front page looks at elections, quite apt with whats happening in America at the moment, and also includes a (humorous or harsh..you decide) look at the anarchist press o…

The tyneside syndicalist 13-16

They say all good things come to an end, and so it is with The Tyneside Syndicalist. After Issue 16, it was decided at a readers meeting to put the paper ‘on ice’ for the time being, lack of finances, burnout, and new projects beckoning all contributed (read more in our forthcoming history). Unf…

Tyneside syndicalist 5-8

Issues 5 (May 1986) to 8 (August 1986) of the Tyneside Syndicalist. PDF files below picture. tyneside-syndicalist-5Download tyneside-syndicalist-6Download tyneside-syndicalist-7Download tyneside-syndicalist-8Download Published by tynesideanarchistarchive View all posts by tynesideanarchistarchive Oc…

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