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Unoffensive Animal

The alf smashes another butcher shop in bristol.

19th June, Clifton UK. received anonymously via email: “In the early hours of Sunday the 19th of June we visited the posh butchers in Clifton. They are based at “the mall” (which is a street name) in Clifton, Bristol, UK. We shattered the 2 big front windows and broke a side window. We will continue this war against the meat industry- for animal…

Anonymous activists do uncommisioned paintwork on impex owner’s house.

June, Thrapston UK PLEASE NOTE: this report was sent by somebody that by chance heard about the action, but the words of the people involved have not been received. “These are reportedly images of further paintwork applied to the exterior of Russell Morgans house, director/owner/driver for Impex Services International Ltd, living in Toll Bar Road…

The alf smashes butcher shop windows.

16th June, Bristol UK. received anonymously via email: “Greetings In the early hours of the 16th of June We visited the butchers shop in St Werbergs, Bristol. There glass door and big window where shattered using rocks. The meat industry must end. ALF” EDITOR’S NOTE: Alongside this report, we received another message 12 hours later. It seems like…

Activists sabotage archery shop

10th June , Montreal, Canada. received anonymouslty via email: “After hearing its owner encouraging bowhunting on a local podcast, we decided to pay a visit to the self-proclaimed best archery specialty shop in the province. The windows have been redecorated and the locks have been glued. We aim to affect the wallet of this store who sells thousands…

The bite back bunnies brigade liberates twelve rabbits from a t&s rabbits fur farm.

23rd June, East Bridgford UK. Received anonymously via email: “Fuck your fences, fuck your fur farm! While Anne – a T&S fur farm worker- slept in her static caravan, we crept around nearby. We easily cut through the fence surrounding the farm and went straight for a pen, catching as many rabbits as we had homes for. The rabbits didn’t make it…

The alf sabotages ten hunting towers. in solidarity with the mbr beagles.

21st June, Sweden. received anoymoulsy via email: “In midsummer time the sun never goes down over so called Sweden. At night the ALF swarmed in the woods and sabotaged 10 hunting towers and smashed hunting cameras. We destroyed that which destroys. No rest for the wicked. Solidarity With Animal Freedom Movement. Shut Down MBR Acres. Free The MBR Beagles…

Activists free seventeen broiler chickens.

21st June, Middlands UK. received anonymously via email: “At just 6 weeks old, their life would have been ended in the most violent and abhorrent way. Now they will be able to live peacefully, happy lives; free from exploitation. Get up and go smash the system. Fught back. Liberate. PS:This is a special FUCK YOU to Moy Park, you vile scumbags!”…

Activists liberate five beagles from vivisection breeder mbr acres

20th  June, UK. originally published on Animal Freedom Movement “Activists from Animal Freedom Movement, a project supported by Animal Rebelion, have liberated 5 beagle puppies from MBR Acres! These dogs were bred in this farm, ready to be shipped off to laboratories when they reached around 16 weeks old. Once they reached the labs, they would have…

Unoffensive animal is six years old! – unoffensive reports

So it’s been six years. Six years of travelling and covering news on the frontlines of eco struggle and animal rights. Six years of workshops, security culture and technology guides, history of the animal liberation movement and six years serving as a platform for anonymous reporting. We have seen friends being sent down and come out of jail. We’ve…

The fight against mbr intensifies with workers’ homes spray painted and a possible bomb hoax called in.

2022, UK. Over the past few weeks we have received second hand reports about unreported actions against the laboratory puppy mill MBR Acres. Here are the words of anonymous people who passed on information. Unfortunately as the reports do not come from the activists there is no solid way of knowing the exact details of the actions or of the intentions…

Fast food restaurant’s toilets sabotaged.

2nd June, Indianapolis, USA. received anonymously via email: “3 toilets sabotaged at Jack in the Box restaurants by flushing rocks and then paper towels down the toilets. This easily reproducible act of sabotage should be carried at every animal abusing establishment. Hide the rocks in a shopping bag purse or backpack and enter the restroom. Plumbers…

Arson attack against a rodeo ring.

26th May, Santiago Chile. originally published by Contrainfo, translated by Dark Nights. In the early morning of May 26, 2022, anonymous hands set fire to the Gil Letelier Huasos and Rodeo Club in the commune of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago, in addition to leaving pamphlets and bullets as a threat. A few days later the action is attributed by the Animal…

Swedish minister of defence’s hometown vandalised.

May, Sweden. received anonymously via email: “FUCK NATO Some anarchists invaded the hometown of the Swedish Minister of Defence, the Social Democrat Peter Hultqvist. We vandalized several of the Social Democrats’ premises. Locks were glued and messages were painted: FUCK NATO! Neither the U.S. Club for Imperialism, nor the petty politicians, own…

How to (not) use instant messaging apps (let’s get encrypted) – technology and security 101

By now you should’ve learnt about the key points to analyse before choosing an instant messaging app and those apps we advise against as well as three apps we like a little more, but there are a lot of nuances to add at the end of this series. In this last chapter, we will discuss how to use the applications and how you should analyse what you communicate…

Activists liberate thirty-one hens from a farm.

31st May, Middlands UK. received anonymously over email: “As the bird flu crisis lessens in the UK, we felt safe saving and transporting birds from an industrial farm using biosecurity. As we approached the gigantic shed, the stench of faeces was overwhelming and we knew that the shed would be full of thousands of helpless birds. Sneaking in under…

The alf sabotages twenty-six hunting towers.

20th May, Belgium. originally published by Animal Liberation Press Office. “20.05.2022 Belgium The A.L.F. sabotages 26 hunting towers and saves Wildlife” Liked it? Take a second to support Unoffensive Animal on Patreon!

Choosing a better messaging app (let’s get encrypted) – technology and security 101.

This post continues from the one before, which you can find HERE. By now you would’ve understood key components that make or break a messaging app and should’ve read the list of common applications we would advise against. Today, we would like to mention three applications we feel are much better in terms of respecting your privacy and security…

Put telegram in the bin (let’s get encrypted) – technology and security 101.

We have talked about the different key points that make a good instant messaging app, and it is time to name and shame applications you should never use for any communications (from organising a demo to organising a coffee date, fuck using the apps below!) SMS (Text) Messages. We’ve already talked about this but your SMS are sent in plain text and…

Shoplifters liberate fifty-one lobsters

26th May, USA. received anonymously via email: “51 lobsters shoplifted and returned to their natural habitat We shoplifted 51 lobsters over a two day period from supermarkets (causing $600 in economic losses), and returned them to their natural habitat in the Atlantic ocean on the northeastern coast of the so called United States. We acclimated them…

Stop using whatsapp! (let’s get encrypted).

Let’s talk about instant messaging communication. Since smartphones have become more and more embedded in our lives, instant messaging apps have taken a primary role in how we communicate. They are simple, they are fast, and they allow for photos and videos and even video calls over the internet, taking a huge step forward from the SMS/MMS capabilities…

Atlanta police foundation “at promise center” set on fire.

Originally published by Abolition Media 27th May, Atlanta. The “At Promise Center” is a “youth center” funded by the Atlanta Police Foundation. According to a report in corporate media, a window of the building was smashed, and the side of the building was set on fire. The following is a communiqué, submitted anonymously by email: “On the…

Twelve chickens liberated.

22nd May, Belgium. originally published by Animal Liberation Press Office. “Love Is Liberation Belgium 22.05.2022. The A.L.F. have Save 12 chickens from the intesives farm” Liked it? Take a second to support Unoffensive Animal on Patreon!

Five hunting towers demolished.

15th May, The Netherlands received anonymously via email: “Five demolished hunting towers and several toppled high seats. You build…we destroy. Untill all are free.” Liked it? Take a second to support Unoffensive Animal on Patreon!

Two banks attacked in canada in solidarity with wet’suwet’en

13th May, Canada. originally published by Abolition Media: “This week there were two attacks against The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in Montreal. The first occurred Friday, May 13 in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders. The red paint evoked the blood stains on the actions committed by the bank. The second took place at the Westmount…

Attack on bank of america in minneapolis in solidarity with arrested atlanta forest. defenders.

Originally published by Abolition Media “We smashed up the windows of the Bank of America on Hennepin Ave in MPLS, and painted the front to read “DEFUND COP CITY.” Our attack was in solidarity with those arrested in the recent raid on the forest, and we pray for the safe return of our comrades and a continuation of the fight for life against cop…

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