July 7, 2021
From Anarchist News

Urban military drills were recently performed late one night in Bloomington, Indiana, terrifying many local residents. The uproar throughout town caused one city council woman, Susan Sandberg, to justify the drills after the fact. Despite abhorring violence and having expressedthe desire to take guns out of people’s hands, she also expressed support for war, well-armed police, and the necessity of putting down certain dissidents — including anarchists.

As a public official her home address can quickly be ascertained by an internet search, so we procured some military recruitment lawn signs and redecorated them. We had fun with it, painting middle fingers alongside “PUT THIS DOWN SUSAN,” with a circle-A on the other side. We chose the night before a 4th of July “reverse” parade happening near her house so we could also decorate for that. Posters reading, “The American Dream is a Genocidal Nightmare,” were wheatpasted around the University parking lot where the event was happening, along with anarchist and decolonial graffiti. We haven’t heard of Susan posting anything about the signs in her lawn, unfortunately. (^∀^) Maybe we’ll ask her about it the next time her ukulele cover band plays a show…

We also hung a banner that read, “US OFF THE PLANET,” on a busy road leading into downtown. You can check out a low quality video about it here.

Source: Anarchistnews.org