April 20, 2021
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7 of the 8 anarchists are still in prison. The decision on the court hearing will take 2 to 7 days

Translation of the tweets from the defence group after the 4 hr court picket

We have finished the picket at the provincial court at around 1:00 pm.
Upon leaving, the lawyers told us that although the accusation has been ratified, no new evidence
was presented”
The three magistrates have to deliberate, to make the announcement can take between two days, four or even a week. They will pronounce a ruling for each one of the companions. So far this is the news we have, when we have more news we will share it.@presxs27febrer·Apr 20, 2021
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see also: 8 arrested are ”An Anarchist Group, responsible for the riots in Barcelona for Pablo Hasel’s Freedom” claim cops. Eng/Esp

Now they are the 7 anarchists, the woman accused of ”setting a police van on fire” (slight damage to paintwork) was released ‘thanks to forensic evidence’, it seems the identification failed.

Great news for her, and also because she and the other 7 were charged COLLECTIVELY WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER of the policeman inside the van, as the police claimed they are an organisation so all are responsible (this works under repressive Spanish law).

So by their own warped logic if the individual author of the ”attempted murder” is innocent the charge cannot be extended collectively to others, unless they can pin it on someone else and say they too are part of ”the organisation”.. Good news all round.

But the police also claimed they had seen the same folks at the riots on previous nights and accuse them, ridiculously, of organising the whole spontaneous movement for the jailing of Pablo Hasel..

So we don’t know if the police, or magistrates, will continue the case, get bail denied and attempt to prove our comrades are an organisation of the riots ( the lawyers said that the ”accusation has been ratified,”) or, hopefully, drop it and let them go for fear of a worse humiliating defeat (the lawyers said ”no new evidence was presented ” which leaves the police case looking weak?).

Apr 19 2021 By thecollective via Squat!net.

Barcelona: rally in support of comrades arrested on 27 February

"We want them free, now! The anarchist comrades imprisoned in February 27 will have a hearing on April 20th 9am in the morning on the Arc de Triomf: here we gather to demand their immediate liberation! And of all prisoners too!!!"

For more than 50 days 7 of the 8 comrades arrested last February 27th in the center of Barcelona have been imprisoned.

They were arrested during one of the last demonstrations that began in the name of freedom of expression and that continued for 15 days assuming more and more the voice of the general dissent towards the situation we are living.

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You can donate to the defence of the arrested companions at the above trusted bank number (cuenta corriente)

A suffocating reality characterized by an institutional violence that does not stop increasing every day, that leaves the majority of the population without a future and that absolves and defends those who are really responsible: police, institutions, politicians and the royal family.

It is a disturbing authoritarian drift that is taking place today throughout the world and that is concealed under a strictly formal subsistence of the democratic institutional framework that serves as an alibi for a despotic government.

Following the arrests, violent police searches took place in 2 squatted houses in Maresme (coast just north of Barcelona), with the intention of demonstrating an alleged non-existent criminal organization.

see also..Barcelona: 8 comrades charged with murder attempt for just 1 squirt of liquid on a cop van

The 8 arrested have been charged with attempted homicide for the material damage to a van of the Guardia Urbana, membership of a criminal group, public disorder and assault on authority.

Disproportionate accusations typical of police set-ups. Made in order to end the wave of protests that for weeks has been growing exponentially throughout Catalonia and divert the focus from the real violence that has been perpetrated with impunity against the protesters by the police that in addition to 160 arrests throughout the state has left an 18 year old girl without an eye.

Is there anything simpler than blaming everything on foreign anarchists?

They do not learn that anarchism, which is under attack again, only for the ignorant is synonymous with criminality or terrorism. The anarchist idea clearly speaks of individuals who look out for their freedom and that of other beings, always against power and its lackeys, it never spoke of vertical organizations.

Today, after the release of one of the detainees thanks to the forensic evidence, the credibility of the police report has been questioned, the set-up is beginning to collapse.

Will they have the courage to continue to maintain this farce and the pre-trial detention without bail decreed at the beginning? We denounce all the police forces, unpunished violent and responsible for mutilations during the days of protests. In particular the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona, famous for its tortures and implicated in the state suicide of Patricia Heras of the 4F case.

We denounce the buzzards of the regime’s media, who do without any real investigative work, taking the Mossos d’Esquadra’s report as the only source of truthful information, spreading only sensationalist images and content and violating the presumption of innocence by publishing names and photographs of the accused. They are only mercenaries of the pen in the service of power!

Berlín: Mani 22/3.. Libertad para todos los presos afectados por la represión en Barcelona.. Esp/Eng/De

We denounce the statements of the Mayoress of Barcelona joining this campaign of criminalisation by presenting herself as a private prosecutor against the arrested people and following the interests and requests of the employers and the Generalitat de Catalunya who asked for a tough hand to put an end to the disorder.

Faced with this situation, we demand the immediate release of the comrades arrested on 27 February!

This Tuesday April 20 in the Provincial Court of Barcelona will be held the hearing to settle the appeals of the seven prisoners who remain in the penitentiary centre Brians 1 for more than fifty days.

We call for a rally on Tuesday 20th at 9am in front of the Provincial Court of Barcelona (Arc de Triomf).


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