November 4, 2020
From Anarchist News

via Conta Info translated by Anarchist News

Maipo Province, Chile: Barricades in solidarity with political prisoners at war and in memory of the comrade Kevin Garrido Fernández

Communique received along with pictures 11/3/2020:

The night of November 2nd, we lit up barricades interrupting a route in the Buin commune exactly 2 years since the death of the comrade and warrior Kevin Garrido Fernández. We also hung up a banner in solidarity with political prisoners from the war in this territory. We demand freedom for the comrades of different revolutionary positions -autonomous, libertarian, anarchic and anti-autoritharian- that are facing prison from different times and contexts.

Kevin walks with us
Solidarity and action with political prisoners at war
There will be rebellion as long as there’s misery