Early in the morning [ 25 may] the police (or other bodies) raided the head office of the Belarusian Independent trade union at 13-A Bogomolova Street. By now the mobile phones and other devices of union office employees are taken by the state authorities. The employees have signed documents of non-disclosure.

KGB (presumably, from KGB Minsk department) came to the office of Aliaksandr Mishuk, chairperson of BITU at JSC Belaruskali, at 5 Korzha Str. with several witnesses ; other co-workers of the union were not allowed into the office of the Chairperson. By now the Chairperson Mishuk is taken by the state authorities away, no further information. The search in his home has been carried out. According to our information, other representatives of BITU at Belaruskali subdivisions (production units, auxiliary shops and factories) are not denied access to their workplaces.

The union offices of BITU at Belaruskali 2nd and 1st production units are being searched. The chairperson of BITU at 1st Production unit at Belaruskali Pavel Razumouski was invited for an interrogation by KGB.

Union activists assume that searches will be taking place in all offices of the primary organization of BITU at Belaruskali.

The Prosecutor’s Office received the information requested from BITU at Belaruskali within the prescribed time frame. The Prosecutor’s Office received the requested information from the BITU Head office partially (the office didn’t provide the lists of members, referring to the law on the protection of personal data) also in due time.

We will remind you that union organizations of BITU in Salihorsk are the only remaining acting structures of the union.

These are : : the regional organization of BITU in Salihorsk ; the primary organization of BITU at JSC Belaruskali ; and the primary organization of BITU at Remmontazhstroy (subsidiary of Belaruskali).

We will also remind you that the Chairperson of the Belarusian Independent trade union Maksim Pazniakou is serving his term in prison : he has been sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest after he had been arrested on 17th of May in Novopolock.


Source: Laboursolidarity.org