February 28, 2021
From Act For Freedom

via:Attaque from:De.indymedia.org / Translated by Act for freedom now!

Dimitris Koufondinas, political prisoner in Greece, has been on hunger strike since January 8th, because of his illegal transfer from the agricultural penal colony of Kassavetia to the prison of Domokos. The new law under which this took place stipulates that prisoners convicted under the anti-terrorist law must be transferred from the agricultural colonies to the prisons where they were held before. In this case that should have been Korydallos prison, where he passed 16 years of his sentence. His request is to be able to go back into his old cell.

Koufondinas was convicted for his membership of the revolutionary organisation 17 November and has been in prison since 2002. At the time he took full responsibility for the actions of this armed organisation. This is not the first time that the Greek government takes vexatious measures against political prisoners. Especially in his case, because he plays an important role and he inspires, never showing remorse and always remaining faithful to his ideology and his actions.
In response to the international call, we came out into the street on a snowy night to make a small gesture of solidarity with the revolutionary on hunger strike D. Koufondinas and send him our greetings of solidarity. In this spirit, we destroyed the windows and tyres of a Siemens-Bosch vehicle.

We chose Siemens as target because this company is known to equip the Turkish and Greek military, as well as for its collaboration with the German prisons and its implication in numerous economic scandals in Greece, in which the family of the current prime minister is also heavily implicated.

Solidarity is attack!

Immediate satisfaction of his request to return to Korydallos prison.

Solidarity with Dimitris Koufondinas.

Source: Actforfree.nostate.net