November 16, 2020
From Clean Reboot

After succeeding in enslaving billions of animals, the worst happens. Forcing them to live in confined spaces where they can barely move or breathe, viral mutations begin, likewise the human animal is also confined and packed in jailties thus helping the viral storm.

This is all a direct consequence of the beast packing it’s heard, forcing them to live and breathe within each others filth.

But the dead thing is the master manipulator, it sends signals blaming the viral storm on its zeks, accusing them of having to much contact with wild animals and the wild.

The beast is indeed genial, now fingers can not only be pointed, but also the wild, its worst enemy, is also to blame.

Factory farming, one of the many bestial concentration camps are therefore not to blame, let the blame fall instead on the free animals it relentless tries to exterminate in his surroundings, along with the zek puppets who are misbehaving once again.