February 16, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       Isn’t it interesting how the Western mainstream media are always showing the police violence in places like Russia and Hong Kong, yet police violence in the EU doesn’t seem to get much of an airing. Do you think there might be a wee bit of bias there? Police violence is part and parcel of the state system, not as the media would try to have you believe, that it’s a product of bad evil states, who, by some strange coincidence, don’t fit into the Western capitalist model.
      States and police are co-joined twins, and the job of the police is to dish out what ever violence they deem necessary to protect the power and privileges of the state, no matter the shade, shape or other characteristics of that state. What kind of person takes on the job of beating up their fellow citizens to protect the rich and powerful, who don’t give a shit about their paid minders, or the citizens.


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