June 27, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          Coming to a supermarket near you, biometric cameras that capture your every move, even eye movements. Supermarkets in France are introducing this new level of surveillance, which sends a photo to  security guard of any suspicious movement or action. So have no doubt they will eventually arrive here in the  UK. What’s more there is no doubt that they will proliferate to our streets, bars, transport, bus-stops and stations, etc.. Do you think it is acceptable, when out for a stroll with the kids or meeting up with friends, that you should have your every personal movement recorded without your knowledge. Surveillance is one of the many cancers inherent within this state system, the state wants to know your ever move, where you are going, why, and should you be there or should you be somewhere else. The state needs to monitor, record and profile every individual, it can only survive by total control over the population, and surveillance is its best tool to back up its police/judicial/prison apparatus to guarantee the wealth, power and privileges stay where they are.

The following extract from Act For Freedom Now:

           Biometric video surveillance in our supermarkets
In order to detect theft, Carrefour, Monoprix, Super U and Franprix [and Intermarché] are experimenting with biometric analysis software to monitor our every move in their stores. The health crisis had already unleashed the desire of private companies for biometric surveillance: thermal cameras at company entrances, detection of physical distances in offices, tracking of eye movements for remote university exams… Several French companies are now proposing to automatically detect thefts in stores “in real time” thanks to biometric analysis software directly connected to the cameras already present in the stores [behavior detection software that then sends an immediate alert to the security guard’s smartphone with a copy of the images]. While the idea of automatically detecting theft in stores has already been tested in Japan, several French companies have not hesitated to develop their own software:
          “Anaveo”, a company of 320 people with a turnover of 70 million euros works in video surveillance for mass retail. Its “SuspectTracker” software promises to capture the flow of images from the cameras to analyze “suspicious behavior”, for example “gestures towards a stroller, backpack, trouser or jacket pocket”. Their presentation videos mention in passing that theft detection feeds into a database to further improve the algorithm.
         “Oxania, a start-up founded in 2019, has produced a “Retail Solutions” software that would be able to “recognize gestures associated with theft in real time, detect behaviors, dangerous situations, customer journey and much more”. The video presentation calmly assumes to make a biometric analysis of the behaviors of people present in the store (body heat, gestures, body …).
         And above all “Veesion”, a Parisian start-up that sells a “gesture recognition” product with “an algorithm that has several bricks that work together and can tell at any time if there has been a gesture that can be associated with shoplifting or not. There is a brick that locates the human, another that locates the limbs on this human body, another that locates the objects of interest, the shopping cart, a purse, a shopping cart, the shelf itself, the items that come off the shelf. And these bricks work together to give a probability of theft at each moment. Then, the store employees have a mobile app that receives the videos as soon as a suspicious gesture has been spotted”, explains Benoit Koenig, director of the company Veesion. (France Bleu, August 19, 2020). As a bonus, Veesion proposes to analyze “your flight history and [provide] personalized recommendations”.

source: Sans Nom
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