October 27, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Supporters of the 4 Colston Statue Topplers facing Trial are mobilising in the coming weeks, making the point that #WeAllToppledColston, and we stand with the 4 persecuted protesters picked on by the police & CPS, after the statue was toppled and tossed into the Bristol harbour on 7th June 2020 by many hundreds of people, during a huge #BlackLivesMatter protest.

As well as a big #WeToppledColston Fundraiser at Trinity Centre (see below) on Thursday 11 November, plans are also underway for solidarity protests outside the Trial at Bristol Crown Court, starting on Monday 13 December (see FB event)…and lasting for upto 8 days. We understand other actions are being discussed, potentially focusing on the Society of Merchant Ventuers SMV) – who cheerleaded for Colston for centuries & defended the mass murdering slave-trader’s historical myths; and also perhaps taking in Bristol Council, where the Labour Mayor and senior officers have been complicit in the police investigation & subsequent prosecution. We note that since June 2021 the Council made Colston the centrepiece of it’s ‘Colston – What Next’ display at the M Shed – when instead they could have just made it a small part of an exhibition explaining Bristol’s historic central role in the transatlantic slave trade, and proposing what we need to do to properly remember all those who suffered and died as a result of that. Their mistake.

But first up, in true Bristol style…it’s party & protest time! The @GladColstonsGone coalition of solidarity (on FB & Instagram) have pulled together an awesome line-up at Trinity Centre on 11 November. They say (from FB event):

Let’s show our support for those who have been wrongly singled out for toppling Colston’s statue and enjoy some of Bristol’s finest DJs and spoken word artists. Get on the dance floor!
Artist bios:
➡️ KRUST is a Bristol-born producer, DJ, and the co-founder of Full Cycle Label. He’s been a crucial part of the drum’n’bass scene since the genre’s very beginning. While he’s produced numerous direct, hard-hitting club tracks, such as the 1997 classic ‘Warhead’.
➡️ Laid Blak are recognised as pillars of Bristol’s urban reggae and Jungle scenes, the pair spent the 90’s causing havoc on dance floors in the biggest raves around the country, performing at era defining parties.
➡️ Kahn is a experimental grime and dubstep producer and DJ, known for his fresh contributions to the Bristol underground scene.
➡️ DJ Queen Bee has been an integral part of the Bristol massive scene since 1980s. Filling floors with a range of genres from reggae, afro beat and House to Drum & Bass.
➡️ DJ Hannza from Bristol’s best female-led DJ night; Booty Bass. She’ll be dropping D&B, Jungle, UKFunky, Afrobeat, Hip hop, Afrohouse, Garage, Bass Music House and R&B. Hold tight!
➡️ Lawerence Hoo is a legendary spoken word poet known for throwing a powerful light onto the overlooked experiences of those living in Bristol’s under supported communities. His words will shake you up and wake you up.
All profits willl go to Colston4 defendants defence fund.

If you want to donate directly to the Topplers Defence Fund crowdfunder, here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/gladcolstonsgone-support-the-bristol-topplers-d

Trial Solidarity & Support
The 4 Colston Statue Topplers face a Trial that will include complex legal arguments, but boils down to a simple question – wasn’t it right that, after a century of objections, dissent & protest were met with zero response by the politicians and the Bristol ruling elite (ie the SMV), a statue memorialising a genocidal slave-trading bigot was no longer acceptable in our city, and had to be removed by the people?
The Trial is expected to last upto 8 days, the right verdict would surely spoil the Tories xmas roast, and lead to much frothing at their mouths.

Plans are afoot to ensure solidarity & support for the 4 defendants outside the court – get updates and info via the FB event (and see other links below).Info & Background – there’s a vast amount of info out there about the enslavement of peoples and the transatlantic slave trade in particular, you can start with these links to get a decent background of the Bristol context::
All our articles on the Colston Statue and Toppling
Bristol Radical History Group’s Colston project articles & research
Countering Colston campaign
GladColstonsGone coalition on FB
Updates via twitter – @CounterColston + @BrisRadHis + @alt_bristol_ + @bristoldefenda1

We all made history on the 7 June 2020, let’s make sure that those victimised by the structures of power are not left alone. Engage. Act.

Source: Alternativebristol.com