The decision to intervene in Kazakhstan shows that Putin is certainly not a nationalist at all. If he was worried about the “Russians”, he either would not have sent armed forces to the country at all, or he would have taken advantage of the situation to annex the northern regions, as obscurantists like Kholmogorov urge . The introduction of Russian troops, even under the guise of the CSTO, will predictably cause an increase in anti-Russian sentiments and make the position of the Russian minority more vulnerable. Also, the commissioning under the auspices of the CSTO (on behalf of which its official chairman Pashinyan spoke) is intended to symbolize the absence of territorial claims to Kazakhstan – there will not be any South Ural People’s Republic that Pozdnyakov (yes, the same MG) fantasizes about.

Putin is not a nationalist, but a “guarantor”. It guarantees the safety of the post-Soviet elite and the safety of its property. Previously, it was guaranteed only in the Russian Federation, and now, it seems, in Kazakhstan as well. In the end, there is Russian capital there too.

Take a look at the Kazakhstan Forbes list . There are the real beneficiaries of the peacekeeping operation. The list, by the way, is interestingly international.

The first two lines are occupied by Kazakhstani Koreans Kimy. The first of them is the main shareholder of KAZ Minerals – “british copper company”, as Wikipedia describes it. In 2021, his fortune increased by $ 600 million. The second Kim, together with Baring Vostok, owns one of the main Kazakh banks, Kaspi Bank, which is also traded in London and has shown impressive growth despite the pandemic.

In third place, I was surprised to find a citizen of Georgia Lomatdze, who is also a co-owner of Kaspi Bank and its manager.

Then comes a certain Bulat Utemuratov, who specialized in foreign trade in the Nazarbayev government of the 90s. He owns ForteBank, whose net income for 2020 was 53.2 billion tenge ($ 121 million), as well as major shares of major mobile operators, 65% of the gold mining company RG Gold and a bunch of other assets, including the Burger King franchise and hotels The Ritz-Carlton in Nur-Sultan, Vienna and Moscow “…

Fifth and sixth places are shared by Nazarbayev’s daughter and son-in-law. Son-in-law, Timur Kulibayev, owns a “controlling stake in the Singaporean Steppe Capital Pte Ltd”, which owns the “Dutch” KazStroyService Infrastructure BV and Asset Minerals Holdings (Caspian Oil JSC, 50% of Kazazot JSC).

Together with her husband, Nazarbayev’s daughter Dinara Kulibayeva owns the Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan – “the bank’s market capitalization has reached £ 3.1 billion ($ 4.3 billion).”

In seventh place is the Russian financial speculator and founder of the “American investment campaign” Freedom Holding Corp. Timur Turlov. “According to the company’s financial statements, in 2020 its assets grew 3 times and amounted to $ 1.47 billion ($ 453.5 million in 2019), equity capital increased almost 2 times, to $ 225.5 million ($ 131.3 million, respectively ), net profit jumped 10 times, to $ 42.3 million ($ 4 million, respectively) “.

And so on.

And on the other side of the barricades are all those who:

or hunchbacks for all this elite for 300 bucks a month (approximately this is the estimated median salary in Kazakhstan ), mining minerals for “British” and “Singaporean” corporations or serving fellow citizens in the service sector, which also belongs to the same ones from the list;

or did not find a job at all in large and medium-sized businesses and one can only guess about his earnings (they write that they are even lower).

Workers concentrated around enterprises demand social guarantees (lower prices for communal services, free medical care, higher wages, etc.). Those who are not even a worker are just trying on the sly to take their own from retail chains and banks.

Considering that the workers will probably be thrown out as soon as the heat subsides, the actions of the latter cannot be called irrational.


Source: Awsm.nz