November 2, 2020
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

      That patch of the planet that has been known as Canada, is a plot of land, soaked in blood, grabbed by brutality, home to native people for centuries before the savage colonialists set their conquering boot on its soil. The cancer of colonialism festers on centuries after the land grabbing began. Blood was shed away back then by the intruders as they stole what they wanted from those who had the right to live there, and the blood is still being shed to this day. Now the fight back by the indigenous people is gaining strength. No doubt with the colonialists history, there will be more blood, as they brutally attempt to hold onto the land the purloined from the native indigenous people, and have continued to exploit to the enrichment of the few. The struggle of the indigenous people is our struggle, a struggle for justice and an end to exploitation. They demand and deserve our solidarity and support.

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