January 18, 2022
From Derry Anarchists (Ireland)

Derry will this year mark the 50th Anniversary of the Bloody Sunday Massacre by taking

to the streets to demand justice for those wounded and executed by the British State.

This coming January, Derry will mark the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. A day in which 14 innocent people were murdered on the streets of the city as they protested against the policy of internment. 

In an effort to silence the local population the British State sent in elite Paratroopers to break up the peaceful a civil rights march through the city on 30 January 1972, killing 14 unarmed civilians and wounding many others. The tragic events on that day became known as Bloody Sunday.

For the families whose loved ones were executed or injured on that terrible day 50 years ago, they had to endure so much in their ongoing quest for truth and justice. 

The fight for justice through the State’s machinery continues, just the commemorative march itself. From the Widgery tribunal to the recent Saville report.  The various attempts by relatives to seek prosecutions for those murders has also seen the British State adjust their own legal goal posts. With the introduction of a possible “amnesty” for those involved in carrying out state executions now on the cards. 

This act has rightly been viewed as a further attempt to completely end any quest by relatives for justice a half a century after the brutal events.

The call by the relatives ahead of this year’s historic commemoration is ‘We Were There!’.  A call for those who attended the original march on 

Sunday 30th January 1972 to once again march for justice.  In a statement the March for Justice Committee said: “Today as we look back on those tragic events, many people in Derry can still vividly recall that fateful day and what it came to personally represent for them in the years that followed.

“Many of those who participated in the original march returned in subsequent years in support of the families struggle for truth and justice. Others due to health or other considerations no longer march or make it when they can. Next year will mark 50 years since the massacre and as part of its extensive programme of events the Bloody Sunday March Committee (BSMC) will hold its annual march for justice.

“Given the importance and significance of this anniversary year BSMC is inviting all of those who attended the original march to come to Creggan on Sunday, 30th January 2022 to participate in a historical ‘We Were There!’ photograph. And then to lead us in marching for truth, justice and accountability in memory of all those who lost their lives on our streets that day in peaceful defence of their fellow citizens democratic rights.”

For anarchists, socialists, trade unionists or others who have any sense of social justice, it is vital that all of us continue show solidarity with those murdered on Bloody Sunday. To stand in support of the relatives and the people of Derry’s march for justice.   As anarchists and anti imperialists, we stand with all those who oppose state terror in the workplace or on the streets as that is the only place in which our class will achieve justice for all those murdered on Bloody Sunday. 

That is the only place our class will achieve a victory that is worth fighting for, not in their Courts of “justice”, their Councils or Parliaments.


Anarchists in Derry, as well as anarchists nationally or internationally have participated in the annual commemorative Bloody Sunday marches from that terrible day back in 1972. Anarchists have supported the families fight for justice throughout the last five decades and will continue to do so. 

In supporting the annual commemorative march to help draw attention to what happened on our streets, that same march has supported others to highlight their fight own for justice over the years.  Campaigns who have the attended to help raise awareness and solidarity of their struggles.  In doing so today, as we prepare to march on the 50th anniversary, we call upon anarchists to attend and show their support for the ongoing march for justice. 

For further details on the annual Bloody Sunday week of events, please check out their website:


Source: Derryanarchists.blogspot.com