July 1, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

In a bombshell report by the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group on Democracy and the Constitution’ suggested that the cops’ treatment of protestors at both the Sarah Everard vigil in London and Kill the Bill protests in Bristol was totally out of order, including this revelation;

  • The use of force, ranging from the deployment of dogs, batons, and “blading” (using the edge of a riot shield as a weapon) “was often considered disproportionate”.

  • On blading, the report says that “in our view there are instances in which the use of blading during the Bristol events was unjustified, entirely excessive, and may amount to criminal offences against the person”.

Yes, you read that right – the police attacked protestors in ways that may have amounted to criminal offences against the person! So who’s going to arrest the cops for this? Huh? Are the Avon & Somerset Police about to delve though videos of the protests with a view to arresting members of the Avon & Somerset Police? No, sadly not. They are busy going after the protestors.

Remember, that under the #KillTheBill laws proposed, the government wants to give MORE powers to police who may be committing criminal offences against the person. Police forces that fail to understand the nature of the right to protest will get more powers to fail with. Scary authoritarian shit.

Source: Alternativebristol.com