June 22, 2021
From Idavox

This Boogaloo Bum crowd has only been around for a year and they have done nothing but show themselves to be this kind of crap. Let Miller serve as a cautionary tale to those on the left stupid enough to believe they are friends.

Paul Nicholas Miller, the neo-Nazi Boogaloo Boi who is known online as a troll named “Gypsycrusader” and for repeatedly harassing individuals as well as in the past threatening violence against notable individuals, pleaded guilty today on possession of weapons and ammunition while a convicted felon and is facing up to 30 years in prison when he is sentenced.

Miller, 32, appeared before Judge Raag Singhal of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida and made his guilty pleas to one count of possession of a firearm, one count of possession of ammunition and one count of a possession of an unregistered firearm, a short-barreled rifle, each count carrying a maximum penalty of ten years with three years supervisory release and fines. The rifle, a receiver and a pistol had no serial numbers.

Despite being part Romanian and part Mexican, Miller is an open white supremacist that has often expressed hatred of Black people,  Muslims and Jews, participating in a nationwide white supremacist banner drop in November, hanging a sign that read “no white guilt” from an overpass in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has also used the phrase “only white lives matter” and has antagonized multiple Black Lives Matter protesters at several different protests. He in particular has called for the murders of U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar and Microsoft founder Bill Gates as well as cheered on the mass shooting at a New Zealand mosque by White supremacist Brendan Tarrant, and has expressed a desire to engage in violent insurrection himself. “The day of the rope is coming. It’s fucking coming. And if I can accelerate that shit I’m gonna fucking accelerate the hell out of it because it needs to happen,” Miller once said, referring to a term from the 1978 neo-nazi book “The Turner Diaries,” which serves as a fictionalized blueprint for a white supremacist revolution and has influenced many right-wing extremist terrorists. To that end, he was first seen participating in the fight in November 2018 outside a New York City Republican club that was featuring Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes as a speaker that night.  Several Proud Boys and at least one member of the 211 Boot Boys were convicted of assault for the brawl, with two currently in prison while Miller, who was not charged with any crime, was able to appear on a One America News Network (OAN) segment to talk about his involvement. Miller eventually became a part of the Boogaloo Bois, who are preparing for a second civil war in the United States, that in a video Miller said will come about when the right no longer feels it could with national elections due to changing demographics. Originally from North Brunswick, New Jersey, Miller, who has prior drug convictions,  was arrested at his home in Florida on March 1 by federal agents on the weapons charges. At the time, he was ordered to remain in jail until his trial because of the concerns of violence on his part.

Just before the hearing which was conducted on the Zoom video conferencing platform, Some trolls repeatedly uttered random racist and anti-Semitic slurs and posted them on the chat. They were immediately removed. There was some concern about those viewing the hearing attempting to record the proceedings which was also illegal, and it persisted to the point that Judge Singhal allowed court officials to record the proceedings so they may be able to identify who was recording later. Miller was also concerned about certain individuals that he felt were there to sensationalize his case, and later would be seen becoming emotional, sighing at one point as he pled guilty and his voice cracking at times when he spoke.

Sentencing has been set for Monday Aug. 30 at 1:30 PM. As the proceedings ended, Miller told the crowd, “God bless you all.”

Source: Idavox.com