December 29, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

            As anarchists we never have enough autonomous spaces, bookshops and info centres, some come and go, some persist for years. All however exist in a hostile capitalist environment, which means that at various points in their existence, they come up against the need for money to survive. Spartacus Books is one of the long running centres, 50 years in Vancouver BC, but now finds itself in the need of financial support, it would be very sad to see it fade away because of lack of support and solidarity.

The following from It’s Going down:

         Call to support long-running radical infoshop and bookstore Spartacus Books in so-called Vancouver, BC.
          Spartacus Books is a non-profit, volunteer and collectively run infoshop on unceded Coast Salish territories. We have been running for almost 50 years and provide access to radical books and zines that are hard to find anywhere else in so-called Vancouver, and operate as community resource centre and (pre-covid) event space.
        We are moving to a new location and the move has brought up many unexpected delays and costs, and has put us in a precarious financial position, such as renovations, mould removal, paying rents at two locations for two months. We’re seeking help from the community to help us with the move and all these changes by donating to our campaign and funding some of the unexpected costs that moving has brought.
        As we say in our basis of unity, despite the odds being against us, we understand that the struggle is continuous, and we persevere. We want to persevere! Please check out our fundraiser for more information and share it as much as possible. If you’d like to learn more about Spartacus Books you can check out our website

Love and Solidarity,
Spartacus Books

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