June 19, 2022
From Libcom Blog

I mean, I didn’t agree with everything in the report, but I don’t think that is a pre-condition for posting it. In the past admins have added caveats about not agreeing with the sentiments of things I posted, but kept them up anyway.

I have no idea if Dave Douglass was an anarchist when he wrote this, or if he adopted that position afterwards. I certainly disagree with lots of his writings when he was an anarchist, and also find some of them quite interesting/informative.

I think this pamphlet clearly it gives you an insight into how parts of the NUM viewed socialist groups attending the pickets, and some concrete information about their activity. I also think Dave Douglass became a somewhat important figure in anarchism, and so it’s worthwhile to consider his viewpoints when looking into that, even if we disagree with some of them.

Source: Libcom.org