January 7, 2021
From IWW Dorset (UK)

Leeds SolFed

We post below a statement from the Chilean Friends of the International Workers’ Association, Grupo Germinal, explaining the Neoliberal Government’s harsh repression of protests and asking that pressure be applied to relevant diplomatic institutions, businesses, and organisations with protests and letters of solidarity.

In addition, the French Section (CNT-AIT) has proposed “a boycott of Chilean products as long as all the prisoners have not been released” – something we support as the Leeds local of the Solidarity Federation. Because of Chile’s export oriented economy, in practice this means refusing to buy food products originating there, such as salmon, avocado, wine, grapes, or kiwis. Christmas is one of the most important times of the year for this market, and so a well-organised boycott still has the potential to be highly effective.

Statement from Grupo Germinal:

“Since the uprising of the people of Chile against the rise in Metro tickets…

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